Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Again!!

DSC06984 Remember this post last winter?  It’s one of my best stories ever, and I highly recommend taking a second to read that post.  Jack still says “Bring me back my [insert object he wants here]!!” 


Okay, now, remember this project I worked on for my husband who bikes into work?  {He actually parks in the garage more often than not, though he should be saving us $85 a month by biking in just a mile or so from a free parking lot.} 

Well, when you put those two posts together, you get what happened over the weekend. 

Someone stole his bike.

It makes me want to storm out into the neighborhood and yell “BRING ME BACK MY BIKE!” I just know that if I watch the kids riding around, I’ll see his bike under one of their sorry butts.  But, I’ve been told not to confront anyone, and I don’t plan to. 

The full story is this….

Rick keeps his bike in the bed of his truck every single night.  It’s attached with one single bungee cord.  It does not have a tarp over it, and it’s not hidden in any way what so ever.  It’s been like this for about 2 years now.

This Saturday, I took the truck and left the van for my husband who was staying with Jack all day – God bless him!  He asked me to take his bike out of the truck before I took it, so I put it up by the front door.  (I couldn’t just open the garage door and slip it in to protect it).  Meanwhile, he had a rough day with Jack, and they never left the house.  Fast forward to Sunday night, and Rick says, “Is my bike still on the front step?”

“No, I thought you brought it in.” 

“I meant to, but I forgot. It’s really not there?”

“Nope, it’s not there.”

“Great.  Someone stole it.” 

I hate my neighborhood – mostly just the punks kids – and I can’t wait to move away.  Remember the land in the picture yesterday?  Let’s all pray that God provides us with someplace like that for us SOON.  The acreage can be less, the house can be less, and the distance away from our families can be less or more, but we’ll take anything He wants to give us NOW!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. How frustrating. I felt the same when someone stole our hubcaps (twice). What makes people think they have the right to take other peoples' property. ARGH!


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