Monday, August 8, 2011

Art Date–Track prints

Last week, McCager came over for another Art Date.  We decided to use our trucks to paint.  I got the idea from the blog Mumma Made It.  I get a TON of ideas from her!

Track prints

Since I didn’t have any paper plates to put the paint down on, we decided to paint the tires and then hand the trucks to the boys.  They figured out what to do pretty quickly. 


I told Bekah to have Cage bring his favorite car with him, but he didn’t need to bring any really.  Jack has plenty of trucks, cars, tractors, backhoes, and big rigs.  It’s a love of his.


We tried to get them to notice how the different tires made different tracks, but I’m not sure they really cared.  they just liked running the machines across the paper to make tracks.


Of course, they had to stop and play with the trucks as they went.  I understand that.  The paint cleaned up pretty well from the tires afterwards.  I just used a damp cloth and wiped most of it off.


Afterwards, they tried out my homemade play dough.  I have to say it was an awesome play dough.  (I only used 1Tb oil instead of 2) It was the perfect consistency and the colors turned out pretty good.  I added just a touch of almond extract to add a nice smell to it, but wasn’t enough I guess. I couldn’t smell it unless I put it up to my nose.  I read how you can use Kool-Aid packets to color the dough and it makes it smell great too. I want to try that!

then the playdough came out

Jack has played with play dough (the real stuff) in Sunday School, so he knew what to do with it and what it was all about.  Cage, on the other hand, has never played with the stuff, so it was a new experience for him.  I think he liked it, though all he really wanted to do was go outside and play.  Poor guy.  We torture him by making him stay in and do art when all he wants to do is go play baseball. *He’s AWESOME at baseball.  He can hit a ball pitched to him almost every time.  Seriously!  He’s the next…umm…. “insert name of really great baseball player here.”*


I gave them some plastic knives to use with their play dough and Jack showed his awesome slicing skills.  I had no idea he could slice so evenly.  I may have to have him help out more in the kitchen. 

he's pretty good at it too

I have to admit that I’m a little OCD when it comes to my play dough.  I’m sure Bekah was ready to slap me silly when I kept telling the boys, “keep the colors separate!”  I always hated when colors mixed.  I’ll have to get a little more relaxed about that. 

Finally, after the educational portion of our play date was done, Cage entertained us with a tribute to the Doors.  He was more like Elvis with a curled lip, but it was so adorable all the same.


I love having these art dates with McCager and Bekah.  I have Pinned a bunch of ideas that I’d love to try with the boys.  I have a feeling someday we’ll move on to teaching them letters and numbers, but for now, it’s all about the art.


  1. I wished that we lived closer!!! Garrett would love to come to Playdates with Amanda and Jack!!!!

  2. I want to come over for a playdate sometime! I recently made orange Kool-aide playdough to give out as prizes at Maren's bday party. It smelled sssoooo yummy!

  3. koolaid makes their hands turn colors.
    oh, and that's why our playdough never got played with :)


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