Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot

WV land 02 
A few months ago, we found this land that we LOVED in West Virginia.  For years now, we’ve been looking for land to move to, maybe with a house on it, maybe not.  Sometimes when we find land, I get a feeling of dread – like it would be a bad idea to move there.  Sometimes I get a feeling of indifference – like I’d be okay if we moved there, but I’d also be okay if we didn’t.  Very rarely I get a feeling of excitement – like I can see us moving there and I actually WANT to go there soon. This land was the rare occasion when I actually wanted to move here.  It was 80+ acres in the middle of nowhere, but so gorgeous and in our price range.  (I did confirm that there would be internet access before I felt excited).

When we went home to pray about/stew over it, we decided that we would make a motion forward with this property.  When we went back to the site to find it, it was gone.   

15And he said to him, "If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here.”

This verse was part of our pastor’s sermon this morning.  It is exactly what I want to say when I face a decision like this.  Lord, I don’t want to go there unless YOU will be there. Evidently, the Lord didn’t want us to have this property.  That’s okay.  If He wasn’t going to be there with us, I wouldn’t have wanted to be there anyway. 

This verse also reminds me of my friend Brooke from Mountain Mama. Her family has followed where the lord leads, and they’ve been blessed because of it.  They’ve also seen hard times, which she is going through right now, but always, she has said “I don’t want to go there unless You are there with me.”  She is an inspiration to me.  Could you please say a quick prayer for her family as they’re figuring out what the Lord wants for them at this juncture?  Thanks!!


  1. oh sweet amanda, you my friend brought tears to my eyes. thank you for praying for us, rejoicing with us and believing for the best through all of our adventures!

    God knows our hearts...and He will no doubt reward all who are faithful. He has the perfect land for us both! :)

    {love and hugs}

  2. Oh, I love Mountain Mama and her family and their obedience is such an inspiration. I will be praying for you both.

  3. That's a great picture. I don't want you to move but I understand wanting to have a lot of land in the country. That would be awesome! You can find land a little north of where I live :)

  4. You are a great writer and I always feel very inspired reading your posts! I couldn't agree more with that scripture! So many times in my life things have not happened how I wanted or expected them to, and later on we always see that God always had a hand in it and knew exactly where we needed to be at the right times. I will keep your family in my prayers in hopes that the perfect opportunity will come knocking at your door in finding your serenity in the country.


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