Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Fest '09!

For several years now, my sister has gone to my aunt and grandmother's house to bake Christmas cookies on one day close to Christmas.  They pick a few recipes, bake double batches, and split the goodies between the families.  I've always been left out, because I was teaching on the day they got together. 

But not this year!!!  This year I'm a SAHM, so I was able to join in the fun of baking oodles of cookies and visiting with my family.  I gathered my ingredients, containers, and apron, and I was ready!

Only one problem...JACK!

I brought the pack-n-play for him to stay in while I worked in the kitchen.  It turns out he didn't like that idea.  So, patiently, I strapped him in to my ring sling while I worked in the kitchen.  He didn't like that idea either.

I had my 11 and 9 year old nephews try to play with Jack and keep him occupied while I worked in the kitchen.  Turns out he hated this idea the most. 

So, I was stuck holding my child the whole time.  I was no help at all to my family!  I did manage to roll a few cookies in sugar, but that didn't count as much help in my book.

Since Jack didn't get his afternoon nap, he was a bit cranky all day.

 Finally, he and I sat in the big, comfy chair, while he took a late nap in my lap.  That was the best part of the day for me.

He can't scream when he's sleeping.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Okay, so it's not really like a disco, but recently it probably seems from the outside that our house has a strobe light in it every evening.  Jack has figured out how to turn the lights on and off, and requests (okay, demands) to play with the light switches every night. Every last switch!  I have a feeling our neighbors think we are having a dance party in our living room and kitchen every night! 

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Back! But Not Really...

Well, thanks to Aaron, I have a new power supply cord!  THANKS AARON!!!  

So, I'm back!  But not really.  We had a new Growth Chart Moment yesterday, and it's still with us today.  Jack got his first high fever in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and it's been coming on and off since then.  This morning it was down to 100, but he seemed more irritable today than yesterday. He has a clogged/runny nose to go along with it, so we'll see what happens, and then call the doctor if it doesn't go away soon.

Yes, he's one week away from being 11 months old, and this is his first high fever.  Can  you believe it?  I guess it's the combination of breastfeeding and staying at home that has done the trick.  This works well for me, since I have no clue what to do when he gets sick. I've used my free sample of Tylenol and offered him water or nursing as often as I can, which I think is all I can do, right?  I'm trying to figure out if he needs to be snuggly warm or kept in cooler clothing when his fever spikes.  Daddy's been a great help.  Especially since he's recently had a few fevers himself and knows what helps him. 

Because of Jack's fever, I'm not able to get online much to read my favorite blogs.  That means I missed 7 days of blog reading, giveaways, and mom tips, and I will continue to miss even more! (I did get three books read this week though!)

I hope you had a great week, and a great one to come! Feel free to leave me a link or two of really great entries I shouldn't miss from last week.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unscheduled Computer Break

Ok, so I've had some issues with my laptop.  I'm not very easy with it I guess.  I broke the original power cord that came with it, so I had to buy a universal power supply cord to charge it.  I broke that a few days later, so it now has toothpick splints and electrical tape to keep it from falling out of the computer.  The battery has decided to 'die' and won't charge anymore.  I can still use my laptop while it's plugged in, which is what I do, but it will only work for a few minutes when it's unplugged. 

I don't have a usual spot for my laptop to sit while I use it.  It is a real LAP top.  I sit many different places around my house with- it on my lap, arm of the couch, or kitchen table.  All the while I am trying to keep little baby fingers from ripping any more keys from the keypad.  Thanks to my friend Aaron, I have a new keypad and a fixed monitor hinge. I'm not sure he can fix my latest problem.

I dropped my laptop this morning from the arm of the couch to the floor.  It landed on the power cord.  It broke.  Do you know how much those cost?  LOTS$!  So, now I have a busted, expensive, power supply cord and no way to charge my battery.  My laptop is slowly becoming a big paper weight.  I'm not sure we can afford to buy yet another universal power supply cord.  (Aaron!!!  HELP!!!)

So, if you would be so kind as to stop blogging while I'm out of my internet office, that would be so kind.  If you would not post a funny Facebook status while I'm gone, that'd be great.  If you could not post adorable pictures of your cute babies, I would much appreciate it.

Hopefully I'll be back before Christmas. *sniff, sniff*

(and I didn't want to take battery time to check my spelling/grammar errors, so please ignore them today) :)


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