Friday, August 5, 2011

Foto Friday - Water


I decided kind of late to get a photo in for today, so these are unedited, untouched, and even unfocused. (Does that make them un-good?)  But I wanted to show you some  of my favorite shots from when Jack was playing in the sprinkler the other day. 

I have to admit that some of my most favorite shots of him are when he’s not looking at the camera – when you can’t see his bright eyes, smiling dimples, or sweet expressions.  This is a good thing, since he’s a toddler, and it’s very hard to get a good portrait of him these days.

In this one, I love how, even though you can’t see his face, you can tell that he’s running away from the water that just got him. You can almost hear him squeal.


He loved getting the water in his mouth.  It was quite entertaining for me, since most times the water would splash him in his face while he was down there.  Call me a mean mommy if you want, but I thought it was hilarious.


I have a TON of pictures of Jack’s back.  I love them all.


And this shot is all wrong…the picture is blury, the color is wrong, and his wrists look like they’re broken.  But I love his sweet face in this one.

a bit blurry, but still cute

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you go to La-La’s Home Daycare today and see the other photos showcased today.


  1. Oh look how nice they are! That second shot is so nice and vivid! I hope you can get it linked up.

  2. great shots, lots of fun being had staying cool!!!

  3. Your water spray turned out great you can see the action!!

  4. Cute photos! Looks like he had a blast!


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