Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What’s Been Going On?

Well, here’s a picture (or 11) of what’s keeping me away from the computer these past few days.  And it’s also what’s going to keep me away for the next few days.  Maybe weeks.  Who knows how long this will take….

This is my living room furniture.  All in one big ‘pile’.


We’re Rick’s pulling up all our carpet to put down new hard wood laminate flooring. 


We’re putting the same flooring all throughout our first floor, which means the kitchen will be next.  While the floors are up in the kitchen, I’ll be painting the walls. 

Yellow.  One of these yellows.  (the colors are crappy in the picture)

Oh, and maybe one day painting those cabinets a nice creamy white color. Maybe.


While we’re in a state of mid-construction, Jack is forced to wear his new boots.  He LOVES his boots, so that isn’t a hardship. 


While the sub floor is showing, I decided to write out some scriptures.  We’re supposed to stand on the word of the Lord, right?



Now, everyone who ever walks on our floors, and anyone who ever owns this house will be standing on a firm foundation. 


Jack wants to help with EVERY step.  He’s a pretty good helper too.  Rick is *mostly* patient with him., too.


He was the first one to walk on the new floor.


He even got to help pound in the boards.  What a good helper!


Someday, hopefully before Christmas, I’ll show you our AFTER pictures.  I can’t wait! 

Yes, we’ll have mismatched woods in our home.  I can live with that!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday to You

I have a few pictures for you today. 

This week’s theme for Foto Friday is “silhouette”.  (which I never spell correctly the first time!)  I was going to take a new picture of Jack this week for this prompt, but I was too lazy  decided to pick one from my archives instead.  This is one of my favorites.  Jack was 6 months here. My little virtuoso. 



A friend of mine (and her friend) started a new photo challenge. This one has prizes, so I thought I’d get over my fear of submitting photos alongside REAL photographers and submit one this week. I like to support my friends, so I’m only partially in it for the prizes.  Here is my best photo from this week.

Since we live very close to a military airport, we see a LOT of KC135s and C5s.  They routinely do “touch and go’s”, which is when they come in for a landing, but just touch down, then go back up in the air again.  They’ll circle around and do that over and over again.  Each time, this is the view that we get. (This is a C5 –the largest airplane in operation)


And here is a picture “just because.”  Last weekend, we went to Gramma’s to watch the OSU game.  (they lost in OT)  At one point, Jack and Gramma both had on their Ohio State scarves and were reading a book together (during commercials I’m sure – Gramma’s a big Buckeye fan).  I thought the image was super sweet and wanted to share it with you today.


Have a great Friday!  And a really great weekend. 


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