Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friends With Blogs

Do you have a blog? This is for you if you do.

If you could please check your profile to make sure I can email you back after you comment, that’d be great.  I love replying to comments via email, but if your profile isn’t set up correctly, I can’t do that.  And if I can’t do it, think of the other blogs you’re leaving comments on that can’t reply to you.  You’re missing out on some great relationships that can be formed by simply leaving a comment on someone’s blog. 

Here is the link.  It’s SO SIMPLE to fix.  It will take you all of two clicks and three whole seconds. I promise!

You can leave me a comment to see if it worked for you if you’d like. If you get a reply, it works!!

Thanks!  Have a great day!! 


  1. No reply blogger profiles are such a pain. I want to reply and connect with people. Hitting reply is so much easier than clicking the profile name, going to their profile page, trying to figure out which blog is the one they write on frequently and then commenting. Usually I do everything from my phone during the day. That process is impossible on my phone with the kids. So I just don't get to connect with those people the same way I get to with others. :(

  2. hmmm...sounds like you! I think you had that issue for a while lol


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