Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let’s Talk About Nail Polish

I do not wear nail polish as a general rule.  It's not because I don’t like it. It’s because I’m too lazy to work on the upkeep.  Actually, I used to be too lazy – now I have a toddler.  I also don’t do my nails often (more than 2 or 3 times a year) because Rick doesn’t like polished nails.  He likes natural hair and nails.  I think he just likes that they don’t cost any money for upkeep.

Before I met my husband, I got my nails done regularly for about 2 years.  I LOVE how manicured nails don’t chip, how my cuticles look beautiful, and I never have to do a thing with them to keep them looking nice (except pay money to get them done again). I would go back and forth between a nice French manicure air brush and a pupley-mauve polish.  For Christmas one year I did RED.  I loved it, but never did it again.  Red just isn’t my style. 

imageLately, I’ve found a neat product that I may spend the money on every once in a while because it lasted 10 days without chipping.  It makes your nails stronger, and the subtle blush color is more my style now than anything.  The only bad part is that if you don’t take it off correctly – like me – you may peel off a layer of your actual nail when you go to take off the polish.  And it takes a lot of work to get it off.  That’s why I like that it lasts so long.


When it comes to my nail polish collection, it’s sparse.  And it’s all very similar in the color selection.  I’m not very brave and I don’t try new polishes often.  *See first paragraph for why I don’t*

This weekend, while I was at my mom’s I was browsing through her Avon catalog.  I glanced down at nails that were painted a chocolatey-mauve and I fell in love.  I immediately asked if I could paint my nails with something she had in her collection.  Turns out, this apple doesn’t fall far from the mauve tree.  Her collection did not include this new color I had just become a fan of.  It looked just as mauve and just as sparse as mine did.


I love my mom.  You want to know why?  Because my mom is ordering this Avon nail polish just because I loved it.  I can’t wait to get it! She spoils me.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Again!!

DSC06984 Remember this post last winter?  It’s one of my best stories ever, and I highly recommend taking a second to read that post.  Jack still says “Bring me back my [insert object he wants here]!!” 


Okay, now, remember this project I worked on for my husband who bikes into work?  {He actually parks in the garage more often than not, though he should be saving us $85 a month by biking in just a mile or so from a free parking lot.} 

Well, when you put those two posts together, you get what happened over the weekend. 

Someone stole his bike.

It makes me want to storm out into the neighborhood and yell “BRING ME BACK MY BIKE!” I just know that if I watch the kids riding around, I’ll see his bike under one of their sorry butts.  But, I’ve been told not to confront anyone, and I don’t plan to. 

The full story is this….

Rick keeps his bike in the bed of his truck every single night.  It’s attached with one single bungee cord.  It does not have a tarp over it, and it’s not hidden in any way what so ever.  It’s been like this for about 2 years now.

This Saturday, I took the truck and left the van for my husband who was staying with Jack all day – God bless him!  He asked me to take his bike out of the truck before I took it, so I put it up by the front door.  (I couldn’t just open the garage door and slip it in to protect it).  Meanwhile, he had a rough day with Jack, and they never left the house.  Fast forward to Sunday night, and Rick says, “Is my bike still on the front step?”

“No, I thought you brought it in.” 

“I meant to, but I forgot. It’s really not there?”

“Nope, it’s not there.”

“Great.  Someone stole it.” 

I hate my neighborhood – mostly just the punks kids – and I can’t wait to move away.  Remember the land in the picture yesterday?  Let’s all pray that God provides us with someplace like that for us SOON.  The acreage can be less, the house can be less, and the distance away from our families can be less or more, but we’ll take anything He wants to give us NOW!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot

WV land 02 
A few months ago, we found this land that we LOVED in West Virginia.  For years now, we’ve been looking for land to move to, maybe with a house on it, maybe not.  Sometimes when we find land, I get a feeling of dread – like it would be a bad idea to move there.  Sometimes I get a feeling of indifference – like I’d be okay if we moved there, but I’d also be okay if we didn’t.  Very rarely I get a feeling of excitement – like I can see us moving there and I actually WANT to go there soon. This land was the rare occasion when I actually wanted to move here.  It was 80+ acres in the middle of nowhere, but so gorgeous and in our price range.  (I did confirm that there would be internet access before I felt excited).

When we went home to pray about/stew over it, we decided that we would make a motion forward with this property.  When we went back to the site to find it, it was gone.   

15And he said to him, "If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here.”

This verse was part of our pastor’s sermon this morning.  It is exactly what I want to say when I face a decision like this.  Lord, I don’t want to go there unless YOU will be there. Evidently, the Lord didn’t want us to have this property.  That’s okay.  If He wasn’t going to be there with us, I wouldn’t have wanted to be there anyway. 

This verse also reminds me of my friend Brooke from Mountain Mama. Her family has followed where the lord leads, and they’ve been blessed because of it.  They’ve also seen hard times, which she is going through right now, but always, she has said “I don’t want to go there unless You are there with me.”  She is an inspiration to me.  Could you please say a quick prayer for her family as they’re figuring out what the Lord wants for them at this juncture?  Thanks!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Foto Friday–Black and White


Rick’s dad is a preacher.  30 years ago he preached in this tiny town’s Methodist church to a congregation of 5 people.  I’m guessing he was the last preacher to stand at the pulpit in this church. 

On the way out ot town, we stopped at Harrietsville

The name above the doors says it was founded in 1870.  It survived over 100 years, but it’s still sad to see a church that has been abandoned. 


This last picture is SOOC.  I love how it looks black and white but really is in full color.  The previous picture I simply edited in Picasa. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recipe Boxes Prettified…sorta

Do you remember these? (click on the picture to see how I organized my recipes)


I LOVE having my recipes organized. I knew that I would cover them someday, but I wanted to wait until I found just the right paper.  I found this at JoAnne’s the other day, and it was 50% off – LOVE! 


Now, before you look too closely, I want to remind you that I’m not a paper crafter.  I’ve never done this before. I’m pretty sure that if you want to cover a box with paper and Mod Podge, you should use something other than scrapbook paper.  It’s pretty thick, and these boxes are pretty irregularly shaped.  (irregular meaning they’re not flat and prefect rectangles).  I have no clue how to do this correctly, but I covered each box with 2 different pages that I thought were kitchen appropriate.  To finish it up, I put a layer of Mod Podge on the entire box as a sealant.


While they’ll never win any awards for being perfect or even beautiful, they’re much nicer to have in my kitchen than the plain gray boxes.  I hope they last for years to come, and that they don’t start peeling any time soon.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friends With Blogs

Do you have a blog? This is for you if you do.

If you could please check your profile to make sure I can email you back after you comment, that’d be great.  I love replying to comments via email, but if your profile isn’t set up correctly, I can’t do that.  And if I can’t do it, think of the other blogs you’re leaving comments on that can’t reply to you.  You’re missing out on some great relationships that can be formed by simply leaving a comment on someone’s blog. 

Here is the link.  It’s SO SIMPLE to fix.  It will take you all of two clicks and three whole seconds. I promise!

You can leave me a comment to see if it worked for you if you’d like. If you get a reply, it works!!

Thanks!  Have a great day!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Do You Find Time?

While I’ve never been asked this question, I’ve seen other bloggers who have answered the question “How do you find time to blog while still being a mom?”


While this is perhaps not the BEST way to get it done, it’s working for me today.  Jack loves playing in the sandbox, and I love being out here with him.  But, unlike him, I’m not a huge fan of playing in the sand.  So, while he’s building castles, grading roads, and dozing sand dunes, I’m getting caught up on my blog reading, Facebooking, and post writing.  It’s a good combination!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary! {Wedding A-Z}

Today, 6years ago, Rick and I entered into the world of wedded bliss. Every year I say to myself, “you should do an anniversary post!”. Every year (I’ve been blogging for two years) I fail to produce one. At the beginning of the month, a bloggy friend of mine did this and I decided to steal it. Thanks for the idea, Rachel!

A = Attendance

We had a very small wedding. My dad and step-mother graciously let us take over their backyard for the ceremony. I think I invited just over 100 people and probably only about 70 or 80 came. I think the distance (it was over an hour away for most people) may have kept some away.


B = Bridesmaids

I had my two best friends, Heather and Beth stand up with me. Officially I didn’t have any bridesmaids but a Matron of Honor and a Maid of Honor. I loved that I could have them both in the same honored position. They picked out their dresses, which provided my color scheme for the wedding. they liked the dressed a lot, though they’ll never wear them again. I won’t mention that Beth loves hers so much that she puts it on every chance she gets. She wore it for Halloween one year. She really loves it!


C = Cake

I had no clue what to do about my cake. I ended up going to a local grocery store and ordering their wedding cake. It was so yummy, and it stood up well to the 90+ weather we had that day. I told them I wanted my cake topper to be something with stargazer lilies. I think it turned out pretty good.


D = Dress

I loved my dress. I tried on 5 and this was the one I came back to every time. I bought it from a woman who was running a dress shop out of her old house. It’s not even there anymore. The two things that I loved about my dress were that it had a pocket - how fun – and it had a cathedral train. I didn’t want to leave the train long since my wedding was outside, so my mom’s friend put French bustles in it. I absolutely LOVED how they looked.


E = Engagement

Rick and I met through eHarmony. We were matched on my birthday (May 31), met two weeks later for our first date on June 11th, and were married the next August. I love that we met on this huge matching service, bu we lived just 4 miles down the road from each other. Turns out, we just needed a way to meet – our lives matched up so well after that!


We were engaged for 6 months before we were married. I forced him to get engagement pictures with me. It was in the HUGE package deal I ordered from our photographer so I couldn’t let it go to waste.

F = Flowers

I made my own flowers for my wedding. My friend Heather made her own for her wedding, so I kind of stole her ideas. I loved my bouquets. I was so proud of them. It was the first really crafty thing I’d ever done. I think pretty much every one hated the dangling green things on mine, but I liked it. I especially loved the lilies. My favorite flowers are lilies.


G = Groomsmen

Rick had his brother and brother-in-law stand up with him. Their requirements for their suits were to wear grey suits and I’d provide the ties. Poor guys. I made them wear coral! I’m sure they dumped their ties in the Goodwill box as soon as the wedding was over.


H = Honeymoon

We rented a small cabin in the Middle of Nowhere, West Virgina, and we loved it. It was so remote we saw black bears and knew of mountain lions being on the property, not to mention the hundreds of deer we saw everywhere. We found fun stuff to do for the week like canoeing, seeing a fish hatchery or two, visiting historic sites, fishing, grilling out, playing board games, and driving around the countryside.


This was the first time we stopped at Cabelas together, which has now become a tradition on our big vacations.


I = Invitations

With the help of my bridesmaids and mother, I made my own invitations. I think I bought the kit at Target or somewhere like that. The original invitations were white and silver, and we just added a bit of coral cardstock to tie it in with my wedding colors. (these pictures look like they’re from a cell phone, but they’re from an actual digital camera. It was such a sad little camera)



J = Justice of the Peace

Our associate pastor and Rick’s father married us. We both wanted Rick’s dad to officiate, but we also really wanted our associate pastor to have a part, so we split the ceremony for them to both have parts. It worked really well.


K = Keepsakes

I didn’t have favors I don’t think. Maybe I had little bells on the table for guests to ding-a-ling during the reception, but no formal favors. I did make our programs really huge hearts so that they could be used as fans. It was HOT HOT HOT that day, so we made my program substantial enough to hold up to being used as fans. I didn’t put a stick on them because I thought that might be overkill. Big hearts are bad enough. I also had these cute cups of fake rose petals that guests were supposed to toss at us while we walked back down the aisle, but I guess they all missed the memo on that one. Only one or two people actually threw petals at us. Oh well. It was better for the environment that way.


L = Ladies Night

I had a bachelorette party, but I didn’t take any pictures. So this is a picture from my bridal shower. It’s my mom, sister, aunt, and grandmother. My grandmother was so happy to make it to my wedding. Her next goal was to make it to see my twins be born. Unfortunately, she died just 9 days after my wedding. I’m pretty sure my last goodbye to her was as we were all leaving from the wedding. What a great final goodbye to have – we were all so happy, and so huggy that day. I’m glad I got that goodbye.

The Youngs 2_thumb

Oh, and I don’t have twins, and she had the same goal about my sister, so I’m pretty sure she wasn’t prophetic, just wishful.

M = Music

I was blessed to have live musicians at my wedding. My friend and roommate at the time (who happened to get married just 2 weeks before I did) played the keyboard for the communion song. I also asked my aunt to play the violin for pre wedding and walking down the aisle music, but she and my grandmother gifted me with her stringed ensemble she plays with often for weddings. It was beautiful. They played Pachabel’s Cannon in D while the girls walked down the aisle and Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring as I walked down. I LOVE that song.


N = Newlyweds

This is the first picture we took of ourselves as a married couple. This is when we went back home after the wedding, and after his parents had gone. (they came back with use after the wedding to wait out a storm before heading home). Though I look a bit ragged in this picture, I love how perfectly happy we look in this picture. I loved my wedding day!


O = Old, Borrowed, Blue & New

My mom helped me take care of the old, borrowed, and blue items. I’m not sure how far back this particular dime goes, but each woman in our family puts this same dime in her shoe when she gets married. I’m not exactly sure why a dime, but probably for good luck and prosperity in your marriage. I also had my grandfather’s handkerchief in my dress pocket, and if I’m not mistaken, it may have had blue in it. If not, I may not have had a ‘something blue’ on me. I can’t remember if I had a garter or not. If I did, it probably had blue in it.


Rick and I took care of the ‘something new’ item (besides the dress). We built an arbor to put up as our alter in the front of our tent. Rick spent HOURS working on that thing. We were still painting it the day before the wedding. (it’s currently sitting in our basement in pieces)


P = Photographer

We hired a photographer who I felt was like an old family friend. He was the photographer who did all of our school’s pictures, everyone’s senior pictures, and I’d recommended to two of my friend’s weddings before he did mine. Unfortunately, because of my lateness in ordering pictures, and his retiring from the business, our actual pictures (the ones in our frames) didn’t turn out very good at all. I was a bit disappointed in his pictures overall. It’s a good thing my sister is such an avid picture taker! She is responsible for over half of the pictures you see in this post. This is what she looked like the entire day, and I love her for it!


Q = Question Popping

Our actual question popping moment wasn’t extraordinary. We were sitting in his truck, in his garage when he looked at me and said “We really should get married. Do you wanna get married?” Swoon. But now that truck (that’s in the shop still) holds a place in my heart.

getting into truck_thumb

The next week, when I returned from a conference, he gave me a ring. It was oh, so romantic again. I was sitting at the dinner table and he said, ‘I got you a ring.” Swoon.


R = Reception

Our reception ‘hall’ and food was provided by my dad and step-family. We decorated their newly built pole barn (thanks, Jenn for sacrificing your thumb for my wedding decorations – staples are fun!) and Sandi (step-mother) put out a great spread of sandwich fixins and sides.


I made (actually, I think my step sister Andrea and her friends made) little flower center pieces with plastic flower pots and bright fake flowers. Sounds classy, right? I liked them.


Right after our ceremony was over, my guests had to change out the rows of chairs for tables and chairs. I had asked a few of the men coming to help, but I think everyone just kind of pitched in and helped. Again, so classy!


S = Shoes

There was a picture of the actual shoes I wore for the wedding earlier in this post – under something borrowed, old, blue. But these babies were made by Heather (Matron of Honor) just for me, so I wanted to show them off. I originally thought that I’d want to wear flip flops for my actual wedding. I thought it might bring together the informal setting with the formal dress. But then I realized I didn’t want to SLAP-SLAP-SLAP my way down the aisle. I saved the shoes for my honeymoon. They turned out to be really great slippers.


T = Trash the Dress

It’s currently hung in the spare room with dirt still on it’s hem. I wanted to clean and preserve it, but I never went to figure out how much it would cost. It may never happen!

U= Unique

I’m pretty sure no one has ever stopped a ceremony to get a spider off of the bride’s dress, but that’s what happened during our wedding. There was a great big daddy long leg spider climbing up my dress, and I think Beth alerted me about it. Rick, my hero, leaned over and picked it right off. I’m not a fan of spiders! I lov e that my sister got a picture of this. That’s a great photographer!


Another thing that stopped our ceremony for a second was a huge plane that flew overhead. We couldn’t hear anything but the plane, so we had to stop and wait for it to pass. Jennifer (the sister photographer) still kicks herself that she didn’t run out of the tent and take a picture.

W = Weather

It’s always windy out at my dad’s place, so I knew the wind would keep us a little cool, since the temperature was supposed to be up in the low 90s. Unfortunately, our ceremony took place during a calm before a storm. It wasn’t too windy (though the MIL’s did have a hard time lighting the candles), so our guests were sweltering! Then, after the ceremony, the clouds started to get dark. This first picture is of the last people getting through the food line and coming back to the tent. (Rick’s sister and brother-in-law). They made it just in time. The clouds opened up and drenched the land while we were all *pretty much* dry under the tent. Afterwards, the huge, white, puffy clouds were perfect for pictures.

rain clouds_thumb

After all the guests left, the skies opened up again and I guess a horrible storm came through. It was bad enough to rip the tent, which the tent company said they’d never seen happen to their tents before. I love this picture because even though the storm was bad enough to rip a tent, it didn’t pick up all the fake rose petals I laid down on the ground. I’m sure they’re still finding those fake petals even today! (so un-green!)


X marks the spot

I didn’t get a guest book for our guests to sign, but this framed engagement photo instead. I had seen this idea popping up everywhere, and I loved it. I found a frame that looked like it was from old barn wood, which was perfect for our outdoor theme. It hangs in our living room still.


Y = Yes!

I love this picture of me and Rick. This was my photographer’s idea. Very cute.


This section was supposed to be about my service and vows. I’m not sure there’s anything spectacular about either of those, so I’ll just stick with this picture.

Z = zzzzz

What else is there to do after your own wedding, but sleep it off? All the work leading up to it, the emotions during the day, and the excitement of going on a week-long vacation with your new husband all leads up to a good night’s sleep. I loved my wedding day, Rick tolerated it, and we’re living happily ever after!



Oh boy. I can’t tell you how long this post took me to type up. I will say that I started it right after I saw Rachel’s which was back in the beginning of August. Whew! And now, you deserve a break. Go grab a nap or something. You deserve it after reading the longest post ever!


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