Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recipe Boxes Prettified…sorta

Do you remember these? (click on the picture to see how I organized my recipes)


I LOVE having my recipes organized. I knew that I would cover them someday, but I wanted to wait until I found just the right paper.  I found this at JoAnne’s the other day, and it was 50% off – LOVE! 


Now, before you look too closely, I want to remind you that I’m not a paper crafter.  I’ve never done this before. I’m pretty sure that if you want to cover a box with paper and Mod Podge, you should use something other than scrapbook paper.  It’s pretty thick, and these boxes are pretty irregularly shaped.  (irregular meaning they’re not flat and prefect rectangles).  I have no clue how to do this correctly, but I covered each box with 2 different pages that I thought were kitchen appropriate.  To finish it up, I put a layer of Mod Podge on the entire box as a sealant.


While they’ll never win any awards for being perfect or even beautiful, they’re much nicer to have in my kitchen than the plain gray boxes.  I hope they last for years to come, and that they don’t start peeling any time soon.


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  1. Love it! My recipe holder is not the cutest... I keep saying I'm going to re-cover it since it's a style that does not work at all with my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration, reminder, and/or kick in the pants! haha! I saw your linky on Delightful Order and wanted to say hi!



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