Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 month check-up

Jack’s 6 month check-up was today. He hated it. I assumed he would cry for the shots, but he did much worse than I expected. He cried when the Dr. put the stethoscope up to him. He screamed when she looked in his eyes with a bright light. He bawled when she tried to look in his ears and mouth. He really hated that Dr. today!

But, in the end, he was fine, and asleep about a mile into the trip home. He’s a champ.

Here are the numbers to report on Boozle (yes, that’s his nickname…weird, huh?)
26 ¾” long, 17lbs 6.5 oz, head circumference 17 ½” All around the 50th percentile. He’s doing great.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't go, Daddy!!!

We all know how babies love their Mamas. Mine certainly can't survive with out me. When he's tired or hungry, he only has eyes for me. This can make a mom feel really good, but it can also be very tiring. Hubby really wants to help, but Jack calls the shots, and when he wants Mama, he wants Mama!
Bright and early this morning, while Jack and I were sitting in the glider in his nursery-me hoping he was going to go back to sleep and him chomping happily on a teething ring-Daddy came in to say goodbye to his family. He kisses me goodbye, and, after seeing the squeals of delight upon his entry to the room, he picks up Jack and hugs and kisses him goodbye.
What happened next broke both of our hearts. Melted them anyway.
When Hubby put him back in my lap, he cried. He didn't just wail, he started out with a tiny whimper. It was like he was saying "you aren't going away, are you, Daddy?" As he watched his daddy leave the room, he started into a real cry. When Daddy came back in, because who can leave when their baby is looking at them with a "don't leave, Daddy!" look, he settled right down. He even squealed and kicked his legs when he was in his daddy's arms again.
I know it broke Daddy's heart to leave his baby boy today. He never likes to leave, but this made it extra hard I'm sure.
This boy loves his daddy!
We're coming up to the start of baby-proofing the house. It seems that Jack is starting to roll with a purpose. He can also get to what he wants, or at least closer to what he wants, by using his face in a sort of army-crawl. We caught him rocking back and forth while sitting on his bottom and leaning on his hands. I've heard that's a precursor to crawling. Our days are numbered!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tonight, before we tried to put Jack in his bed, we took some time to play with him. He was so giggly, and he was interacting with us like he'd never done before. He was playing a peek-a-boo-like game with us and cracking himself up.

I love to hear his chuckles!!

We Have Teeth!

So, last night was a little rough.

But let me back up. Yesterday, Jack had an off day. It wasn't anything amazingly bad, but he was a little cranky all day long. However, he did go to bed at a normal time, and with minimal fuss.

Then he woke up at 10:30. This wasn't unusual, since it had been almost 4 hours since he had last eaten. I nursed him as usual, and when he fell asleep in my arms, I transferred him to his crib. Little did I know that I was not done spending time with my boy.

Two hours later, I'm still up with him. He had decided he wasn't tired anymore and wanted to look around and see everything in his nursery. He climbed all over me looking at every corner of his room. He chewed on his pacifier like he usually does. Basically he refused to be tired. Needless to say, after two hours, I was tired, annoyed (is that OK to say?), and ready to go back to bed.

It was at this exact moment that my son looked me in the eyes, smiled, grabbed my head to bring it close, and gave me big sloppy kisses! Well, that worked! I was rejuvenated and went another half hour without being upset at missing my precious sleep.

But finally, I'd had enough, and I brought Jack to Daddy in our bed. I said, "Tag, your turn." I laid there beside them while Daddy and Jack sat in bed having a heart to heart. Jack looked around and took everything in that he could see (no lights were on). Daddy stayed up to make sure he didn't fall out of the bed (and I think he enjoyed his time with his son).

I guess a half hour or so later, Jack decided he was tired enough to lay down. He finally fell asleep at 1:30am. I took the risk and transferred him back to his crib. The whole time I was remembering that this is how we got to this point in the first place! But the transfer was successful, and we didn't hear from him again until his early morning feeding around 5:30am.

Now, I relay all this because, in the morning, when we brought him to our bed again (to try to catch a few more zzz's), I felt his gums like I do every morning. And I felt teeth! I made Hubby check, and he felt them too!

Ahhhhh, that explains it!!! Our newest Growth Chart moment.

Do teeth poke through clear? I thought I'd see little white bumps, but these are the same color as his gums so far. But they're just the tippy-tippy top of teeth.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Talk about Growth Chart moments!!!

Yesterday Jack ate solid food. And by eating, I mean MUSHING it. I've been testing solid foods out on him for a few weeks now. Rice cereal, banana, oat cereal, and sweet potato. (All homemade I might add) Until yesterday, he seemed to like the taste of everything, but he would gag every time something made it into his mouth. It didn't matter how liquidy it was. But yesterday, he conquoured it!

He seemed to be extra hungry yesterday afternoon, and I had just finished nursing him, so I knew I didn't have anything left to give him. So, I decided to try out our new teether, mesh pouch thingy. I plopped some pieces of banana in it and handed it to Jack. HE LOVED IT. Because of prior attemps with it, he knew which end to put in his mouth, and it seemed like he knew it would contain something yummy. I refilled that thing three times with banana before it was all over. I also warmed up some of my rice cereal I'd prepared a few days ago. I put some mashed bananas in it, because I knew he loved banana. Although it was a MESS, he did eat every bite I gave him.

I guess my baby food makin' days are here! I need to go to the store. :)

Jack 'mushing' his teether, mesh, pouch thingy.

The other milestone seemed to appear just this morning. While we were sitting in the glider this morning, he saw his pacifier on the stool next to us. He reached for it with both hands, but this time he pulled the stool to him with his right hand and reached for the pacifier with his left hand. WOW! Smart boy!! He did it again while sitting on Daddy's lap at the computer. He reached for the laptop, pulling it towards him with one hand so the other could start smacking it.

His little personality is really starting to shine. He keeps getting cuter and cuter! And I swear that boy's cheeks must hurt at the end of the day because of how much he smiles! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friends, Cleaning and Progression

So it's only been three days since my last post. It feels like it's been a week! This week has been a very busy week!! Jack and I have been out-and-about almost every day. We've spent a lot of time with friends and their kids. I love my friends. I love their kids. I have to admit that I love that I'm 'one of them' now - a friend with a kid. :)

This is one of Jack's best friends (on the left). He was born three months after Jack. (see how they don't even notice each other?)

By the way, this is my ring sling in that picture. I'm not sure I love it anymore. Now that Jack is bigger, I want to be able to sit him facing out. As you can see, it's a little awkward. I'm practicing though, and it is getting a little better. I've even practiced putting him on my back in the sling. It's very handy when I'm cooking and cleaning (speaking of....), but it's not something I can do out of the house. It's VERY tight around my front, umm, you know. And no one should have to see that. I am trying to practice it though, so that maybe some day I'll figure out how to wear him on my back without it looking too crazy in the front.

(speaking of cleaning...)

Today was a day for cleaning. We're expecting family tomorrow who have not met Jack, and they have never been to my house. Which means I HAVE TO CLEAN! Jack helped me today by taking a long nap. I worked like a dog, and there's still so much left to do. I am not the most stellar housekeeper. I keep thinking that if I get everything REALLY clean one time, I'll be able to do little spot cleaning to keep it up. Yeah right. I'm not that good. But things are changing now that I have a 6 month old. I am going to have to keep the floors cleaner than I used to when he starts crawling around them. For now I've been able to keep him on a blanket, but it's just a matter of time before he's off and exploring. Can't wait!!

Since this is a post of mere randomness (which seems to be what I do for now), I'll leave you with a 6 month progression photo of Jack. It's fun to see how much he's grown!

Maybe someday I'll have something worth writing about! Until then....randomness abounds! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Spell check, reasons, and Padding

Did you know there is a thing called SPELL CHECK when you write blogs? I didn't. Obviously. I've reread my posts and have seen silly errors. Remember when you were in school, and the teacher said "go back and reread your writing before you turn it in?" Well, I never did. Can you tell?

You know what I used to teach? Language Arts. Yup. I used to teach the children of our future how to write. Are you worried??? I would be.


Hubby asked me why I am blogging now. Good question. I don't have a good answer for him. I just like to 'journal' and also share with people. (Even if they don't' want what I'm sharing) Maybe it's because "everyone else is doin' it!" It's certainly not to enlighten anyone with great gems of wisdom, wit, or intellect. Well, maybe the wit part. I do try to be witty. Or Punny. Is that the same thing?
Jack is getting so much better at sitting by himself. He still falls though. He falls so slowly that I can yell "timber!" before he hits the ground. So I position soft toys around him, because he hates to bonk his head on the ground. Who can blame him?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Ears are Ringing

Jack has realized a new talent. Screaming.

We went to a Pampered Chef party and visited a friend and her new baby today. During both outings, he 'talked' the whole time. He is exercising his voice, and boy is it fit! I was having trouble hearing conversations going on right beside me.

Tonight when we were nursing, he was VERY vocal. He didn't actualy nurse a lot. He 'talked' to me. The thing is, he can be heard down the hall, plain as day. Which means he's LOUD. My ears were ringing after I put him down to sleep.

Know what this means? Tomorrow morning will be his first day in the nursery in church. He can 'talk' all he want's in there!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sittin' and Rollin'

He'll be 6 months next week. 6 months! Half a year!! Didn't I just bring him home yesterday? Didn't he just poop on our carpet last week? (guess he was marking his territory when he came home) Wasn't it just yesterday that he would sleep for hours and never cry? (I think that lasted a week). Sigh. I guess they do get bigger. And FAST!

We had a Growth Chart moment last night. He is able to sit up on his own for a while now, and he rolled from back to front. Neither is working at 100% yet, but they're skills Jack can add to his baby growth chart records.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Hour and a Half

That's how long it took to get Jack to sleep for his nap this morning. This little boy HATES to sleep. He does't want to allow himself to fall asleep AT ALL. Even when I take him into my bed, he screams. I hold him in my arms, and he screams. I give him his pacifier, and he screams. I roll him on his belly, and he rolls back over and screams. I leave him alone to cry-it-out for a while, and he screams. I come back in and pat/rub/jiggle him, and he screams. I leave a lull-a-by CD on, and he screams. I do nothing, and he screams.

Eventually he just ends up crashing. I wish I could figure out how to get my child to sleep - WITHOUT nursing him. THAT is what works. "So, why don't you just nurse him?" you ask. Because I want him to learn how to fall asleep on his own. I am going to be changing his schedule soon when we start solid foods, and he won't be able to fall asleep while nursing. I want him to be able to nap when we're out, and nursing isn't an option at the time. I want him to nap when someone else is watching him, and I'm not around to nurse him.

Is this too much to ask???

I prayed today, "Lord, please bless my baby with sleep!" 10 minutes later, He did.

Of all the Joys of Motherhood, this is the most frustrating Joy I face.

I think it's time for my nap now. I'll try not to scream-it-out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Things Never Change

I have a feeling this little quirk will last for his entire life. When Jack was in the womb, we have pictures of him with his legs crossed. When he was just wee baby, we noticed that he crossed his feet often. Now that he's almost a big boy (6 months old!), he's still crossing his feet. I'm guessing this is something I will notice when he's 2, 5, 12...

Then again, maybe it's just a baby thing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Many Faces of Jack

I can't get over how cute my son is.

That's all for now.

What the heck?

What the heck? I have a blog???

I thought I'd try it out for a little while. I LOVE reading other people's blogs, so I thought I'd try out my own blog. And away we go!

Sooooo, HI. Are you wondering what this blog will be about? Me too! My guess is it will most likely be about Jack, my baby boy. It could contain a little ranting now and again. I'm SURE it will have a lot of rambling in it. That's what I do. I ramble. If I get it all figured out, it will have pictures too. Maybe I can use this as a place to update friends and family about my friends and family. :)

Here's the newest growth chart moment: Jack just rolled over from his back to his tummy this morning!! Actually while I was typing this!! He's been rolling from front to back for a month or so, but rolling from back to front is much harder for him. And he did it!!! Just this morning. And I didn't have my camera with me. Maybe there will be video to come. :)

I leave you with a picture of Jack from July 1st. The hat wasn't to keep him from getting too much sun but to keep him warm! It was freezing!!! (or at least it was super cold for July)


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