Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Under Construction

UPDATE:  Who wants to sit and take all my pictures from one host site and put them on another site?  Not me!!  So, I’m not doing anything about it.  From here on out, I’ll be using Picasa and not Flickr to host my photos.  The old pictures will stay where they are, so I don’t have to worry about loosing them any time soon.  I realize you didn’t need to know any of this.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Now, on to more riveting posts like “how I dry eggs after coloring them” and “I’m learning how to use my photoshop”  Riveting, I tell ya!!


If you happen to pass by my blog in the next few hours/days/weeks, you may notice that my posts from January to today have no pictures.  I’m in the middle of moving them from Flickr to Picasa.  Hopefully, the transition will be seamless and there will be no missing photos while I work on this.

I started out using Picasa when I started this blog, then ran out of space for all my photos so I went to Flickr.  Now they’re telling me I can only have 200 photos for free and I must pay $25 (for a year) so I can have unlimited uploads.  Well, that’s nice and all, but I’m pretty sure for $5 a year, I can upgrade to a big enough allowance in Picasa. 

SOOOOOOO, I’m off to load all the photos I’ve uploaded to Flickr for the past 3+ months to Picasa.  Wish me luck!!

And if any of you know something about Flickr that I don’t know –such as how to get free or much cheaper storage – please send me an email as soon as you can to stop me from this tedious task. 

amandabroadway at hotmail dot com.

And one more thing.  If you follow me in Reader, I might be appearing multiple times in your Reader when I get things going.  The only way I can think of to fix this is reload each post with the ‘new’ pictures from Picasa.  That may make my last 3+ months of posts re-appear in your readers.  I’m so sorry!!! (Oh, and that goes for email subscribers too)  What a mess!

There has to be a better way than what I’m going to attempt, so any advice you can offer me while I work through this would be GREATLY appreciated. 

Thank you!

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