Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday

A bloggy friend of mine is the new host of Foto Friday.  It’s a linky party that allows you to share pictures that may or may not go with a theme for the week.  I’m bad at being regular with linky parties, so this may not be a regular feature on here, but I thought I’d show her some support, as well as try my hand at trying to find a photo in my collection that goes with the theme this week. (Man that was a long sentence!) 

This week’s theme is TEXTURE.  Since I don’t know how to add texture to photos in Photoshop yet (and I should add, I haven’t found FREE textures to download yet-I’m so cheap), I went with a photo of something that shows texture.

When we bought our new camera (still a point and shoot, but pretty cool all the same), I took hundreds of photos trying out all the different settings.  This one was called Pop Art.  I had a very agreeable model to shoot. You can’t imagine how many photos I have of this guy!


Hi, Thomas!!!

Thanks for being my son’s best friend.

As soon as I remember how to add the pretty button Kim has made, I’ll put it here.  Until then, you can go to her page from the following link to check out a bunch of other blogs who posted pictures today.  There are some amazing photographers out there. 

Foto Froday Link


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for supporting me and the link up. That just made me smile from ear to ear.
    If you have a DSLR or a point and shoot, it doesn't matter. They have neat settings. If you have aperture settings (some do) you can really flex your photography muscles. But there are not camera setting for creativity, and good shots. That is up to the operator. :-)
    Here is a site for textures. I am super cheap, too. I will pay for some actions (but I love Pioneer Woman's free ones), but I haven't even come close to paying for textures. That is just an image.
    There are thousands. Some are obviously geared more towards graphic art use, but there are thousands that are perfect for photography. Hope that helps. Don't kill me when it sucks you in for hours. ;-)


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