Friday, April 29, 2011

Foto Friday – Symmetry


I’ll admit, this photo is BAD.  I didn’t run it through Photoshop at all, even though I’m having a great time experimenting with PS.  It’s blurry, and the color is just not ‘wow’.

BUT, what it lacks in quality, it makes up for in character. I took a progression of shots while Jack was running his race cars down the track so I could see who the winner is.  Those cars go SO fast, that I usually can’t tell who wins.  My new-ish camera has a super fast shutter capture speed –type setting that captures up to 34 frames per second.  It’s FAST!

All week I couldn’t come up with a good symmetry photo, so this is what I decided on at the last minute. It won’t impress you with its quality, but it may bring a smile to your face with its character.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to our annual Mom Retreat.  Can’t wait!!!!


Purple is the winner!!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment! Over the weekend three little boys were jumping in the river(together),OH how I tried to capture that shot! But we were in a boat, so there was no time to re-shoot.
    I really like this shot! I like how the cars are (blurred) to the finished, that's cool! What kind of camera do you have?

  2. The colors are great, especially if it hasn't been tweaked in PS. I like the action shot like that. Many people try really hard to get that. Great job.

    Have fun this weekend.


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