Friday, January 14, 2011

She’s Coming!!!

Have I ever mentioned a little-known blogger called The Pioneer Woman


Hmmm?  I have?  I may have been excited to open her cookbook as my Christmas gift last year. 

Christmas Gift

She did a book tour for that book last year, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t come anywhere close to where I live.   That’s not a big deal.  She’s famous.  I’m me.  I will never  meet the woman, so I will just sit here, cook her food, read her blog, and go on living my life as normal.

WELL….things are about to get exciting around here!

SHE’S COMING TO COLUMBUS, OHIO!  That’s my town.  That’s where I live.  I live where she is coming!  Okay.  I need a second to stop and breath.  *giddy*

My BFF emailed me with two words: We’re going! 

Yes we are!

Her newest book tour is for her newest book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  When I first found her website about two years ago, I actually sat and read all of her Black Heels posts.  I had a lot of free time while I was breastfeeding.  Not having read the book yet (it comes out February 1), I would still recommend picking up a copy or reading her blog posts.  She’s a witty writer and so much fun to read. 

Maybe one day I’ll have a post with blurry pictures of me standing next to her with my  mouth smiling my obnoxious smile, sweaty and with sore feet from having waited in a long line to see THE PIONEER WOMAN!  A girl can hope.


  1. Take your camera for the photo for sure...but take your cookbook along for her to sign!! Sounds like fun. I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. How exciting! I hope you get to meet her.

    How famous is she in the US? We don't really hear about her in the UK unless you're into blogging :)

  3. When, Where? Can I come?

  4. I would like to come too! We can all meet her ;)

  5. Yay!!! How exciting!! Love her. But not as much as bakerella. ;) not sure if you read my post about meeting her but I got to MEET her!! Ha I was sooo excited. What a fun experience. Love that picture of you. Someone was excited! ;)

  6. Oh wow! That's exciting! I'm only 2 hours away... maybe I feel a road trip coming on....


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