Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My son is very articulate.  When the doctor asked me how his language was coming, I said “he’s talking in paragraphs.”  That’s not entirely true of course, but it’s darn close.  He says things that I don’t think most 2 year olds say, and he’s been saying them for a few months now. 

For example:

“Das is not a fire engine, das is a ambulance.”

“I tickled myself!”

“I’ll be right back. See you soon, Mama!”

“Hi Yellow Truck, I’m Jack.  Nice to meet you.”

“Come wis me, Mama.  Let’s go see Daddy!”

“Daddy, you’re home!  I’ve been waiting for you!”

“I don’t want to get in my crib. I wanna sit on da floor. Yea, Mommy, you sit in da rocking chair and I sit on da floor. I don’t wanna be in my crib”

“Mommy yelled, ‘I want my shovel back!!!!’” (there’s a story behind this one I’ll post soon")

And twice now, he’s tried to get my attention or get me to give him what he wants by finally yelling:

“MANDA!!  Get me my water!”

The doctor said he’s going to be hard to potty train.  “The intelligent ones are the most stubborn ones to train.”  Great.




  1. That's so awesome! One of these days my little Noah will start talkin non stop.. Haha we work with deaf people so he signs a lot more than he uses his voice. That really is amazing your son is talking that much! Wow. Did you do anything special or did he just catch on real quick?

  2. That's the truth about potty training! Sarah was talking full sentences, paragraphs, etc before she was 2. She is barely 3 and is learning to spell (not kidding). Yet she is still NOT potty trained.

  3. Aw that is great that he is such a talkative little one.

    My daughter has always been a talker as well. Everywhere we go, I have complete strangers stop to ask me how old she is when they hear her talking and that they can't believe how good she talks.

    But the good thing is that she was REALLY easy to potty train. It took me three days, seriously! And that was night time potty training and everything. I guess when they are ready, they are ready! Of course, she has had accidents but she has been diaper free ever since then :). So your dr may not be right about your son!


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