Monday, January 24, 2011

I found this Singles Blog Thingy…

I’m not single.  Duh.  I’m happily married now for 5 and a half years.  FUN!  But my friend, Beth is not happily married yet.  She wants to be.  She’s awesome. 

I stumbled upon a blog that’s doing an online singles thing, and I thought I’d throw my friend Beth under the bus and do one for her. JUST KIDDING! I totally asked her and she said ‘go for it’. This post is linked up with Show Us Your Life - Show us Your Singles!!! at Kelly’s Korner.  I hope I’m not too late with this!

(So, if you’re a regular reader, or you’re my mother, you can disregard this post, since it’s really for anyone interested in meeting Beth.  Don’t you love that?)

I’ve posted about my friend before stating how much her friendship has meant to me, but let me tell you about more than just our childhood antics and our annual pumpkin carving experiences.  There really is a lot more to Beth than that! (But PLEASE go back and read that post if you want to know more about Beth – it’s pretty funny and probably embarrassing for her)


This is Beth. 

This is my all-time favorite picture of Beth.  It shows her personality perfectly.  She used it as her Facebook Profile picture for so long that when she changed it, I yelled at her to change it back. She did too!  For a while at least.

Here are her ‘stats’:

Raised and lives near Columbus, Ohio, never been married, been in love once, 34 years old, Christian, non-smoker, works for a major league sports franchise in an accounting-type position (maybe payable/receivable/something with money), has a toy poodle named Sushi, loves kids, and can crochet, sew, and keep African Violets alive.


She has a bright personality, just like her kitchen…it’s bright yellow and hot pink.  She will do anything for anyone and think nothing of it.  She has a very giving spirit. I’m pretty sure her Love Language is quality time with some words of affirmation thrown in for good measure. 


She loves kids and is as goofy as they are sometimes.  My son adores her and talks to her on his toy phone all the time.  He loves spending time with her! She used to be a preschool teacher (that’s what her Associate’s degree is) and I have to say she was a darn good one!  I’ve never seen a more crafty teacher, who is willing to get all dirty just to give her students a super learning experience.


She’s adventurous.  When we do something crazy, it’s her fault idea. She has been to China three times to teach English (and do other projects) at a youth camp.  She loves it, and though she hasn’t been back in two years, I’m still worried I’m going to loose my best friend to China! She tried every food, and did every activity she could while she was there–she’s just that way.  She loves adventures.  


I love Beth.  If you’re interested in learning more about her, please comment here.  She’d be happy to deny everything I just said. Of course, after she sees the last 2 pictures I posted, I may not be alive to receive your comments.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my super best friend, Beth!

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  1. You AWESOME Amanda!
    I didn’t know I was such a catch.
    And thanks for not telling them about our road trips or pulling out the yearbook photos of twinkie day.


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