Thursday, January 13, 2011


While I was sitting on the couch folding my laundry today, I was thinking, “What does a person blog about when they blog every day?”  I was drawing a complete blank on any future blog posts.  I recently had a blog explosion (5 whole posts in two weeks), and now I’m at a loss for anything else to write about.

Then, it hits me.  Actually, all I had to do was look down at what I was doing.  There was my inspiration.  Blue laundry. 


Exciting, huh?

I washed our comfy flannel sheets with my son’s comfy flannel sheets today.  Seems like a good idea, huh?  Well, it would be if all the flannel was even remotely close to the same color.  One is a dark navy blue set and the other a pale yellow.  Not a good match!


When I pulled everything out of the dryer, I had blue everything.  Actually I had blue and dingy green everything.  The crib sheet was a dingy green color, the green pillow cases were a dingy green color, and the blue sheets were as blue as ever.

The Color Catcher was a beautiful dark blue as well.  Maybe I should have put a few more sheets in.  You live, you do laundry, you learn.

P.S. A big sorry goes out to my sister who handed down those two pale yellow flannel sheets to me.  Somehow she managed to keep them yellow the entire time she had them for her sons.  12 years later, I ruined one of them in one wash.  I completely understand if she never hands anything else down to me again (though, I think she has given me everything she possibly could give me already!)  Thanks, Sis!!!

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