Monday, July 13, 2009

Spell check, reasons, and Padding

Did you know there is a thing called SPELL CHECK when you write blogs? I didn't. Obviously. I've reread my posts and have seen silly errors. Remember when you were in school, and the teacher said "go back and reread your writing before you turn it in?" Well, I never did. Can you tell?

You know what I used to teach? Language Arts. Yup. I used to teach the children of our future how to write. Are you worried??? I would be.


Hubby asked me why I am blogging now. Good question. I don't have a good answer for him. I just like to 'journal' and also share with people. (Even if they don't' want what I'm sharing) Maybe it's because "everyone else is doin' it!" It's certainly not to enlighten anyone with great gems of wisdom, wit, or intellect. Well, maybe the wit part. I do try to be witty. Or Punny. Is that the same thing?
Jack is getting so much better at sitting by himself. He still falls though. He falls so slowly that I can yell "timber!" before he hits the ground. So I position soft toys around him, because he hates to bonk his head on the ground. Who can blame him?

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  1. Yah Big Boy Jack!

    ps I figured you would see all your errors in time. ;-)


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