Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't go, Daddy!!!

We all know how babies love their Mamas. Mine certainly can't survive with out me. When he's tired or hungry, he only has eyes for me. This can make a mom feel really good, but it can also be very tiring. Hubby really wants to help, but Jack calls the shots, and when he wants Mama, he wants Mama!
Bright and early this morning, while Jack and I were sitting in the glider in his nursery-me hoping he was going to go back to sleep and him chomping happily on a teething ring-Daddy came in to say goodbye to his family. He kisses me goodbye, and, after seeing the squeals of delight upon his entry to the room, he picks up Jack and hugs and kisses him goodbye.
What happened next broke both of our hearts. Melted them anyway.
When Hubby put him back in my lap, he cried. He didn't just wail, he started out with a tiny whimper. It was like he was saying "you aren't going away, are you, Daddy?" As he watched his daddy leave the room, he started into a real cry. When Daddy came back in, because who can leave when their baby is looking at them with a "don't leave, Daddy!" look, he settled right down. He even squealed and kicked his legs when he was in his daddy's arms again.
I know it broke Daddy's heart to leave his baby boy today. He never likes to leave, but this made it extra hard I'm sure.
This boy loves his daddy!
We're coming up to the start of baby-proofing the house. It seems that Jack is starting to roll with a purpose. He can also get to what he wants, or at least closer to what he wants, by using his face in a sort of army-crawl. We caught him rocking back and forth while sitting on his bottom and leaning on his hands. I've heard that's a precursor to crawling. Our days are numbered!

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  1. Ah, shoot, we miss you guys. Jack is the BOMB! How fun! I bet that you are GREAT PARENTS!

    I hope we get an opportunity to see you guys sometime soon!

    Nate Hannum


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