Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Growth Chart Moments

I think so, mom! (but I didn't let him go in the bounce house with the big kids)It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve done a Growth Chart Moments post.  If you’re new to this blog (within the past 5 months anyway), these are posts where I list some milestones Jack has reached or cute things he’s doing lately.  This one is more of  a ‘cute thing he’s doing’ post.  Jack’s certainly growing FAST, and there are a ton more that I could have listed. These are my highlights from recent moments we’ve had.


Jack can recognize when there are two things together.  He’ll say both, or he’ll correctly say there are 2 of them.  Sometimes he can identify 3 items, but not every time I don’t think.  He loves to identify double trailer semis when they go by.


He can almost say his full name.  His middle name is Emerson, which he sometimes pronounces Esserman.  I love to hear him say “Jack Esserman!” 


Some of my favorite words he still messes up (there are very few that he doesn’t say correctly) are Cabozer (bulldozer), Perftick! (perfect), Extavator (excavator) and  Let’s metend! (pretend). I love those.

There they all (mostly) are!

The other day we said “Jack, say, ‘No way, Jose!’”  He said “No way, Hadozee!”  We lost it.  We ask him to say it almost every day now.  He can finally say it right, but he makes sure to mess it up so we laugh. He loves to make us laugh.  He’s always asking, “Is this fun?” “Is this silly?”

That's the flatbed towtruck

Any time Daddy asks him to give him a countdown, he shouts, “3,5,4,3,5,4!” while pointing his finger in the air.

He can put in and even change the DVD’s he wants to watch.  He still asks if he can watch a certain video, but he can open the player, change out the DVD (I taught him to poke his finger through the hole), and push the right buttons to get it to play.  My job here is done!ARGH!!

He rode his tricycle for the first time today – forward that is.  He’s been able to pedal backwards for a while now, but forward is much harder.  We went for a ride around our neighborhood this morning, and he loved it.  He wants to ride all the time!P7260018

And anytime he’s around a new person, he’ll tell them that he’s a big boy now.  And that he is.  He no longer resembles the little baby boy he was. 

Oh, and he’s calling me Hon now.  Thanks, Hon. (Honey)


  1. What a big boy you have there. When is his birthday?

  2. My daughter also loves writing her tricycle all over the place. I love going back and reading the update posts I write about my kids.

  3. i love that you document all of those adorable memories! he is sooo cute!

  4. My grandson and I enjoyed looking through your photos. My grandson is only 3. He said he's riding his bikkee, he's a PIRATE! He wants a pirate birthday party btw, so he got excited!


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