Friday, July 15, 2011

Foto Friday–Animals


Today’s theme is pets or animals.  Since I don’t have a pet, I thought I’d skip this week’s Foto Friday. 

Then we went to a dairy farm today.  There were cows there.  So, I took some pictures.

I have to admit that I actually took the pictures I’m showing here a few weeks ago.  It was at the same farm, of the same cows,  but the pictures I took today didn’t turn out so great. 

This first picture was just a fun, lucky shot.  It’s not all that pretty, but as the cows were coming into the barn for their lunch, I shot this picture.  I could reach out and touch the cows, that’s how close we were.  I’m a city girl, so that’s kind of fun for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The only thing I did with the picture was auto adjust the levels and sharpen the cow a bit.  This is basically how it looked SOOC. 

This was a neat shot of them eating.  I love how you can see them all down the line.  There were about 30 cows total in the barn. 

Good sides...I used The Pioneer Woman’s Old West action on this one, brought it down just a bit, then added a Kim Klassen texture on it, but brought it down to just barely there.

I think this is a fun shot.  Weird, but fun.

backsidesI used The Pioneer Woman’s Vintage action on this. 

Head on over to La-La’s Home Daycare to check out other Foto Friday entries.  Especially if you’re an animal lover. 

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  1. I love these shots! Especially the B&W one, I don't think it's weird. Please don't keep out a week because you don't have something that matches the theme, just link up. I look forward to seeing your shots each week!

    Thanks for joining in!


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