Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Moles

Remember yesterday when I said “I don’t have any pets, so I can’t show you an animal picture.”  Then I found some cows.

Well, today I found some other animals in my very own back yard.

Baby moles. At least I assume they’re moles.  They could be baby chipmunks I suppose.

We’ve been using a tent to cover our sandbox, and it’s worked pretty well.  It keeps the rain out, and we thought it kept the critters out.

We thought wrong.

Wednesday we took the tent off to mow around the sandbox and found a hole and itty bitty footprints all around the sand.  Rick mixed up the sand really good and put the tent back on after mowing.  Then Thursday we took the tent off to let the two artists play in the sandbox for a while.  No traces of animals at all in the sand that time.

Two days later, today as a matter of fact, I took the tent off to let Jack play in the sandbox and found these:


There are four of them.  two of them were blown about 4 inches away when I swooped the tent off the box.  I immediately got my camera and took some pictures.  Wouldn’t you?  Then I helped the two blown-away babies back to their little warm pit with their brothers.  Or sisters. Or brother and sister.  I made sure not to touch them – I used a kiddie shovel to gently nudge them back over.  I then covered them back up with the tent. 

Poor Jack can’t play in his sandbox for a few days or weeks.  I wonder how long it takes these little suckers to get full grown.  It was fun for Jack to see the babies.  He keeps talking about them.  I was careful not to let him squish them. 

I’m thinking I’ll take the tent off every day or two just to show Jack how they’re growing.  I also want to make sure they survive.  I hope their mom didn’t get spooked away for good!



  1. So cute! Let us know what they turn out to be!

  2. They really are kind of ugly, but the idea of little babies is cute. I hope they survive, too.

  3. Oh my goodness! I hope they will be alright. We've had moles here too. Our dog used to dig numerous holes in the yard to get to them.
    Our sandbox had toads,which they were eagerly hopping away. Put I dig get a pic with my camera phone, yes,we take pictures of it all! :)


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