Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Plate Wonder….

….and other ways I’m trying to loose weight.

I need to loose weight.  What woman doesn’t?  Even skinny girls feel like they need to loose weight (or so I’ve heard).  I’m no skinny girl, so let’s just say I need to loose a lot of weight.  Probably a good 50lbs to get to a good healthy weight.  I’m a horrible dieter and exerciser (especially in the winter), but I think I’ve found something that might work for me.

Enter my sister and brother-in-law:


My sister is 4 years older than me, a mom of two pre-teen boys, and a pioneer woman who spins her own yarn, weaves on a loom, knits, quilts, cooks, and creates –anything. 


My brother-in-law is a computer nerd, pioneer man who chops firewood to burn in their wood burning stove, and talks a lot.  A. Lot. 

Both of them went on the Atkins diet last year and lost 50-60lbs each.   The Atkins diet in its most general sense is to eat no carbs all day until your 1 hour reward meal where you can essentially binge on whatever you want after eating a sensible protein and vegetable.  The theory is that your insulin will be under control and you won’t crave carbs for that reward meal after a while.  It is amazing how much weight they lost, how good they feel and how great they look.  My sister has inspired me, My brother-in-law inspired Rick, and we’re ready to get on the healthy weight loss bandwagon!



Last September, we started the diet and the weight melted off of Rick immediately.  He lost a pant size in a little over a month.  It was awesome.  For him.  I on the other hand, lost 10lbs and put it back on over Christmas.  I couldn’t get the reward meal controlled and ate so much crap during my hour that the weight never really left completely.



But now, I have a plan!  I like to eat my reward meal for lunch.  That leaves my dinner either non-existent because I’m not hungry later, or light because I can’t have any carbs.  For my lunch, I crave apples and peanut butter.  I could eat apples and peanut butter for every meal and probably be content.  After I would finish my (LARGE) apple and peanut butter, I used to raid the cabinets and pantry for any and all chocolate, carbs, or treats I could find.  Now, I have a plan – wait, I already said that.  Let’s get to the plan, shall we?


I put everything that I’m planning to eat for my lunch reward meal on one plate.  That’s it.  That’s my plan. 

I pile everything I can on that plate.  After lunch, I’m not allowed to go raid the cupboards for anything else.  If I want to eat it today, I must plan for it at the beginning of my meal. 

It’s really worked for me.  I can now control my reward meal so that it is no longer packed with so many calories.  I’ve lost about 6 pounds in one month, so it seems to be working much better than last time.  I’m very excited to stay on this path of weight loss and be a inspiration to someone else – like my sister is for me.


One day I’ll have an ‘after’ photo to show you.


  1. The last photo is lovely!

    I really hope that the diet continues to go well for you. I am trying to cut out all crisps and most chocolate from my diet, but it's hard!


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