Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Growth Chart Moments

Jack turned 18 months last week.  A year and a half!  Time flies when you’re having fun! DSC04141

Here are some cute things he’s doing or saying that I’m sure to forget if I don’t write them down.

  • He says “BESS YOU” to anyone who sneezes, coughs, hiccups, or burps. 
  • He calls all animals by the noise they make. 
    • Dogs = FUFF FUFF!
    • Sheep = BA!
    • Cows = MMMMMMMOO! ( sometimes Mmmmmeee)
    • Mokey’s = OOO OOO EEEE EEE EEEEE!
  • He counts to two.  Sometimes he counts to three, but his three sounds like one, so we’re not really sure about that one.
  • He yells “CHASE!” and “RUN RUN!” when he he wants you to chase after him.  His chase turns into chrase after a few times.
  • He loves putting blankets around him while walking around.  He loves all blankets and hats, and he loves to wrap them around his shoulders or waist and see how far he can walk around the house before it falls off.
  • He is in love with CHOO CHOOs!  The boy turns his food into choo-choos, and everything looks like a choo choo track to him evidently.  He can sit on Daddy’s lap and watch choo-choo videos online all day long!
  • He still loves to read books.  He knows what he likes and doesn’t like each night for bedtime, and it changes every night!  His nursery floor is covered with books that he fishes through to find just the right ones for that night.
  • He can identify most animals, but that doesn’t mean he wants to touch them or get to close.  He’ll enjoy looking from afar for now.

OH, and he’s sleeping through the night now!  It only took 17 or so months, but he’s not getting up much at all now.  YAY!!!!!

This is his favorite blanket to wrap around himself.  And he can’t go to sleep without it on top of him…even if his room is 82 degrees!!!


Our little Darth Vader Boy.


He likes to wear hats!



  1. Hahaha...love those blanket pictures!

  2. Aww, so cute! My little ones love hats too.


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