Monday, July 19, 2010

I Go Out Walkin’…

But it’s not after midnight, and I’m not searchin’, hoping you will be somewhere out walkin’ after midnight searchin’ for meeeeee. 

Oh Lordy, my life is one big song.  I had a choir director in college who would randomly break out into song whenever he was in a conversation.  Everything reminded him of a song.  It didn’t make for short conversations, but it did make for interesting ones!


I thought I’d share with the masses (or maybe just my mom) what I’ve been doing since my 30 day fitness challenge ended.  I took some time off, but after about a week, I got back into a walking groove again.  Now, I’m up to walking 4 miles almost every weekday morning!  I think I’m doing about a 17 minute mile, which isn’t that bad, but I’m sure could be better. 

I thought I’d share with you what it is that makes me get up and walk, and what makes my walk manageable – dare I say enjoyable?!


I found on iTunes a podcast called Podrunner.  (You don’t have to have iTunes to use their podcasts – just an mp3 player of some sort)  DJ Steveboy (whoever that is) has created hour long mixes of techno music that stay at a steady beat per minute (BPM).  I started walking to 135 BPM for 3 miles and realized that I liked walking if I had a steady beat pumping in my ears.  I keep my volume low enough so that I can still hear and talk to Jack while I push him along.   I’ve steadily increased my speed to 140BPM and 4 miles.  

I even got my hubby to use them on his Blackberry while he runs now.  He’s using around a 148 BPM.  I tried running, but my knees swelled, and I couldn’t walk for a day or two. After I lose some weight, maybe I’ll try running again.


Another thing that keeps me moving is an awesome, borrowed jogging stroller.   My friend Andrea let me borrow her Schwinn, swivel wheel jogging stroller, and I never want to give it back!  As far as Jack’s comfort goes, it’s great!  It has a tray, which so few seem to have.  He keeps his water and toy with him and it doesn’t fall out (much) since it sits in the tray.  It also has a swivel wheel.  I LOVE that.  I think a lot of joggers think it’s unsafe to have a swivel wheel when you’re jogging, but I’m not jogging, so it’s wonderful for me. 


Next, my husband bought me this wonderful Camelpak for my birthday this year.  I was totally shocked when he bought it for me, but I love it so much now.  It holds 3 liters of ice and water,  my iPod, and anything else I want to throw in the pack.  (It’s made for cyclists, so it has compartments with their needs in mind)  I used a regular sports bottle one day last week, and hated how my water didn’t stay cold, and how I ran out of water before my walk was done.  This backpack is great! (Jack loves drinking from it too!)


And finally, I couldn’t walk for an hour and 8 minutes if I didn’t have a snack for Jack.  About half way through the walk, he starts to get cranky.  If his toy (usually a truck or Little People) isn’t keeping him occupied anymore, I’ll throw him a snack trap with crackers, raisins, or apple pieces in it.  That usually keeps him happy for the rest of the trip.  If not, there’s always my keys.

Now, if only the pounds would start melting off!  My diet is average to good, so I’m pretty frustrated that 4 months of walking hasn’t taken any weight off.  I’ve been in to see the Dr. for my thyroid, and we did find my numbers to be off, so that may be the culprit. I just can’t win!


  1. Good for you! Even if the pounds aren't dropping off yet, at least you know you are doing good things for your health! What a great lesson for Jack to be learning already. And I *love* those snack cups. Best around!

  2. Keep walking!!!

    Check out my "blog":

  3. Way to go! You are an inspiration to me to start working towards getting my extra pounds off!

    By the way, that camelpack is awesome - I've never seen one before. Also, Buggy LOVES his "snack cups!" Unfortunately, so does our dog.


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