Saturday, July 10, 2010

Banana Clips, Friends, and Aprons

Remember these?



I wore them all the time in the 80’s!  I even had the big, permed hair to go with it.  They rocked!

Evidently, they still exist.  I bought some at Meijer the other day, thinking I would bring back the beautiful, ‘Mohawk-esque’ hairstyle. 

Evidently, I don’t have big enough hair for it anymore.  It slides right out of my hair every time I try to wear it.  So, alas, I will not be the one to bring back the banana clip anytime soon. 

But that doesn’t stop me from having some fun with them!

Last night was a Girls Night Out for me and my two high school friends.  Only, this time, we had a girls-night-out-at-home-with-the-husbands.  I hosted a cookout that ended up as a cook-in, since the rain kept us inside.  When my friends got here, I forced them to wear banana clips.  I’m such a great hostess! 



Aren’t they beautiful!? We had a good laugh over these, and wore them most of the night.

Because I’m not always mean to my guests, I gave them each a gift to make up for the forced banana clip wearing. 

I made them each an apron with fabric that fits their personalities and kitchens!  They loved them.


You can tell that I made mine from REALLY old, worn out jeans, and theirs from jeans from my mother that were so much nicer looking. 

Every few months, Heather, Beth and I get together to catch up on our lives and eat yummy food (mostly Chipotle).  This time it was nice that our husbands could join us.  It’s been 15 years since we graduated from high school, and we’re all three in different stages of our lives (one has two married daughters, I’ve just started my family, and one is still enjoying the single life).  When we get together, even without the banana clips, it’s like we’re transported back in time to the hallways of our school, sharing lockers and going to football games. 

I love my girlfriends!!!


  1. Only thing that is different are our converstaions but they still end up in laughter!!

  2. How cute are y'all?!! Love the banana clips! I NEVER had enough hair to wear one of those. (At least not the right way. I always had to secure them with bobby pins, so you can imagine how lovely I looked. Ha!) Haven't been here in a while and just wanted to say hi. Oh! And I'm impressed with all your sewing projects! I've really missed sewing. I'm going to have to learn to work it back into my schedule.


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