Wednesday, July 14, 2010


If you’re not a Google Reader user, this post probably won’t matter to you.

As you know, I’ve been a little absent in the blogging scene.  It’s not just one sided.  Not only have I been absent in writing blogs, but I’ve also been absent in reading blogs. 

I have a couple (to put it very mildly) blogs that I regularly like to read.  I started using Google Reader to keep it all organized.  I like that they have a “next” feature – I can hit the button and it takes me to the blog site to read the most recent post.  I love seeing all the different blogs that people create, and when you get into a Google Reader habit, you miss all the pages.  (you read them like an email loader with only the text and pictures – no backgrounds or headers).  But the Next button takes you to the actual blog page (and all the hard work the author has put into it).

While I was busy raising my son and spending time with my husband (did I feel guilty for all the time I was spending on the computer??), I let my reader fill up with unread blog posts.  When I checked it this weekend, I had 655 posts that I had not read yet.  WOW!!! 

So, this weekend, I decided to catch up. It took me 5 days, but I’m all caught up! I didn’t read every single post, but I did read most of them.   I didn’t use the next button, so I didn’t give anyone page views.  Sorry.  But, hopefully, now I’m back, and I’ll actually count for your page views and be a kinda regular commenter again. 

I get a lot of out reading blogs.  Sewing ides, recipes, parenting tips, wife tips, ideas for saving money, activities for Jack, and craft ideas.  Not to mention all the cute stories and pictures of babies out there!

Speaking of cute babies….mine just turned A YEAR AND A HALF today!!  He has done so much growing and in so little time. 

DSC04027 DSC04065

*trying to find recent pictures to post has made me realize that I’ve been in a picture slump.  I don’t have a lot of cute pictures of him right now.  I’ll have to work on that!


  1. Wow! You go girl! That's a lot to catch up with.

    I use Google reader, have for about 2 years.. never used the Next button.. thanks for pointing that out.. Love it now! LOL

  2. Goodness! That's a lot of catching up! You are more dedicated than I am! 18-months - what a fun age! He'll keep you busy! I can't wait to hear your stories of the scrapes he gets himself into!


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