Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Know You’ve Been Sick for TOO LONG When….

I remember a post I wrote back in October, explaining how my son realized a fate worse than death.  Well, no more my friends.

You know you’ve been sick for too long when you (as a 1 year old)  stand there willingly while having your snot sucked out of your nose! 

Jack came down with Pink Eye last week, and it turned into a full blown cold.  We’ve been using Vick’s on his feet at night, and a cool must humidifier.  We also give him Benadryl  to help with his congestion.  Since we’re a sharing family, he gave me this cold.  I think it’s strep throat, but I’m not quick to go to doctors for colds, so we’ll just ride it out for a while more.  Now it seems that Rick is sharing in all this wonderful sickness too.  Let’s just say that we’re going to make it through a big  3-pack of tissues in no time.

I have to give Jack a ton of credit.  He has to have eye drops in both eyes three times a day, and he also has to sit through a nose sucking every so often.  He has been a champ!  He’ll sit still through the whole thing.  He even leans in a little for the nose sucking.  I think he figured out that it really does help him. 

So, we’re all out of commission for a bit.  Hopefully I’ll get to the store today and come home with good medicine and some herbal tea.  I’m praying that this doesn’t move into a full blown ear infection for Jack.  He’s starting to tug at his ears, so we’re scheduling an appointment with his doctor as soon as we can get in.  

Thanks for your prayers while we try to get healthy. 


  1. Hope you all get better soon!!

  2. Aww! Poor Jack! Praying for his recovery!


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