Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Artistic Son

Remember in my last post where I said my son is a genius? Well, I’m not sure his artistic skills have caught up with his motor skills.  He can walk forward and backward (and even sideways on accident), but he can not make a mark on a paper with those cute little palm markers from Crayola.  

It could be because they’re meant for 18mo+, but I thought he could handle them by now.  He marked on a paper with my highlighters just the day before.  Maybe he’s TOO SMART and figured since they’re not shaped like markers, they’re not really markers.  Naaa. He just liked the feel of them and had no interest in using them as markers yet.

Here’s a pictorial walk through our 5 minutes of discovery time with those horribly messy adorable markers. 

 DSC02316It started out well…(any mark on the paper was my demonstrating how they worked)

  DSC02318Then he grabbed a hold of them and spent the next 5 minutes feeling the wet ink.

DSC02339DSC02319      DSC02325 And getting messier and messier…DSC02326 

DSC02328This is where we had to stop.        

So, it may be a while before we get those markers out again.  He loved them, but I didn’t love it when he chucked them across the living room floor.  They were horribly messy, but luckily for him they were very washable. 


  1. oh - that made me laugh out loud! I've been looking all over for those markers, but I think you have convinced me to stick to crayons! Oh - he is such a cutie and definitely a genius!

  2. LOL that is so cute!! He's having so much fun.


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