Friday, March 26, 2010

Check Out This Blog…

One of my bestest friends in the whole entire world started a blog

me with my girls (that’s Heather on the left)

She is in the beginning stages still – finding great backgrounds, making buttons and headers (I’m working on it), figuring out how Blogger works, and gaining readers.  She is a fabulous Christian woman who loves her kids and husband to death.  She has  been my encourager, accountability partner, kitchen organizer, and singing partner. 

Here’s a fun story for you:  We met way back in 1999 when she was training me at my new job (I was a temp).  We were back in the file room, which was a small hallway-like room that held boxes and boxes of files, organizing the boxes.  (she’s always been big on organizing!) For some strange reason, we both started singing/rapping lines from a DCTalk song “That Kind of Girl".  It was so obscure and so funny, that we immediately became friends.  Recently, she just found that song as a ringtone, and we’re both using it on our cell phones for each other.  “The other night I met a girl and she looked at me so nice… “

Here’s another fun story for you:   She met her husband when she threw me a surprise birthday party.   He and I were best friends in college, and when they met at this party, they hit it off right away.  It was so fun for me to have two of my best friends marrying each other.  So, she can blame me or thank me, but I’m the reason she’s married to her hubby :)

And now, in our ‘real lives’, after having gone so many years of not getting to spend time together –me always teaching and coaching and her raising two kids and a husband – we work to spend every Friday together, trying out new recipes and ideas.  Sometimes she watches Jack while I go to the Chiropractor, but most Fridays we HANG OUT!!!  How fun is that!? 

DSC05767 (Heather with Jack a year ago!)

So, check out my friend Heather’s new blog The Diary of a “Disciplined” Mom.   Expect it to change often as she goes through the ‘construction phase’ of getting it up and running.  Her latest post was about using a Neti Pot!  FUN!  And GROSS! 

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