Thursday, March 4, 2010

He’s Advanced for his Age!

That’s what Jack’s doctor said this morning.  I have proof now.  We’ve always known our son was a genius, and now we have medical confirmation.

Okay, we won’t go that far, but his doctor did say that exact phrase about his walking skills this morning.  He is officially walking backwards now.  He’s slow, and sometimes looks like he’s dancing, but he does walk backwards now. 

We had to go in to see our doctor, because Jack has Conjunctivitis.  A.K.A. Pink Eye. Poor little squirt.  We were with a play group yesterday from 10-11am, and by 2pm I could see the globs in his eyes.  He’s not really phased by it, unless you call a sleepless night where he would ONLY sleep snuggled into his mommy not being phased.  We’re making it through though.

I do have some more Growth Chart Moments for you.  This last month has been a HUGE Growth Chart month for us.  He’s really coming along nicely!  Or shall I say “advancedly?”  (Let’s hope he doesn’t have my grammar)

  • He’s nodding his head ‘yes’ now.  Last time I mentioned he has the ‘no’ shake down.  These last couple of days you could see him working on the yes nod.  It’s more of an entire upper body twitch, but it still gets the point across.  It’s slowly becoming a head nod and not so much a bend at the waist.
  • He’s saying “HI!” to us now.  Its his official first word.  Sometimes it sounds like ‘Hey!’ and sometimes it’s a ‘Hi!"’.  He hasn’t unveiled it to anyone other than Daddy and Mommy, but I’m sure some day he’ll be handing out Hi’s to every stranger he passes.
  • He says “Da!” for Daddy now.  He still can’t decide which one of us is Mommy and which is Daddy, but he does call Rick “Da'” now.  Let me explain what I mean.  When we ask him where Mommy is, he may point to me or he may point to Rick.  Same thing goes for Daddy.  But he always calls his Daddy, Da.  You try to figure that out.
  • His only other word right now is “Ba.”  That may be Bonk, for when he bonks his head, or it may be button.  It’s usually one of those two though, so I consider it a word.

And, of course, he’s still the cutest thing ever.  Even if he’s starting to have temper tantrums now.

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