Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring, Please Come Back

Okay, I thought spring was here.  We had temperatures in the high 60’s and even low 70’s just a little while ago. 

But today?  SNOW!


What is going on?  I know the old saying that says “three more snows after the forsythia blooms,” but I’m pretty sure this is snow #4. 

I love winter.  LOVE snow and cold temperatures.  I would move to Alaska in a heartbeat.  Or maybe the U.P (Michigan).  Every winter I complain about how little snow my particular town gets.  My sister (who lives an hour north of me) gets ALL the snow, and I complain because we get NONE of the snow.


But this?  I don’t like this.  It’s time for the snow to go away and spring weather to officially get here and STAY!

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