Thursday, March 24, 2011

Google Reader, I Blame You

I haven’t posted recently, because every time I get on the computer, I check my Google Reader.  (That’s where all my new blogs ready for reading are listed for those of you not familiar with Reader)

That dag-on full Reader!  I went through and deleted a bunch of blogs a while ago.  Maybe I need to do that again.  It doesn’t seem like much, but I have about 30-40 new blog posts to read every day.  You can imagine what happens when I miss even one day of reading.  BACKUP!

So, when I go to post something of my own, I say, “I’ll just take a minute and catch up on all those great blogs I follow. That won’t take long, right?” 

The next thing you know, Jack wakes from his nap, dinner needs started, and I lost my only window to blog during the day.


I have 5 posts in my drafts file just waiting to be written.  I need to get to them!

Oh, and I guess having a sick family for the past 4 weeks hasn’t helped the situation either.  We are anxiously awaiting spring when the winter ‘sickies’ finally LEAVE our house!  Of course, then we’ll be spending so much time outside that there will be no time to post then either. 

Why did I start up blogging? Maybe I should stick to reading them and not writing them.

Oh, I remember now.  It was to show of my cute boy.  Here ya go!


My boys were working on their trucks the other day.


My son loves to draw.  Evidently, he can double his fun by doubling his coloring.


Naps are not popular in this house, so we sneak them in whenever we can.  Sometimes he just crashes. Notice the box of tissues on the couch.  We’ve gone through 8 boxes in just two months.  It’s crazy!


  1. I definitely know the feeling! I go on breaks from reading other people's blogs all of the time! Sometimes, I think that is why my blog is not as popular as other people's blogs but that's okay!

    He is a cutie, I love the pic with the two crayons, he is efficient!

  2. Oh I'm dealing with the same thing.. I get overwhelmed when I put on the RSS feeder and there are 100's to read.. ugh.. I feel like I'm letting everyone down.. than realize I'm not and just do what I can..

    What a cutie your boy is :-)

  3. I just let them pile up. The ones with people I know personally I always read though :).
    I love your chocolate peanut butter brownie mission. Maybe we could try and bring our best recipes to try on the girls trip! I could make a few batches....that would be a worthwhile cause!

  4. I'm with you on the google reader ---so handy and yet it can suck the time from you...


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