Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Story Time at the Library

Every Wednesday at 11:00 am, Boozle and I go to our local library and enjoy Baby Lap Time.  It’s a story time for 0-1 year olds.  Jack used to take a nap right through that hour, so for the longest time, we were always missing it.  At around 10 months, he decided to drop his morning nap, so we were able to wiggle in a trip to the library on Wednesdays. 


It’s usually a very small turnout.  For a long time, there were only about 5 babies (all of them boys) that came regularly.  We got to know the boys very well, and looked forward to seeing them and their mamas each week.  Then, all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, the population of our story time tripled!  There are so many babies now, which makes it SO FUN!


Today was our last Wednesday for story time for three weeks.  We are going to miss Miss Chrissy, the babies and their mamas (and a few daddies)!  I couldn’t leave without bringing a treat, so I made my banana nut bread into mini muffins to share with the crowd.  (They were a hit)


One of the favorite things all the boys like to do is play with the door stops.  They can’t open the doors, but they love putting the door stops up and down.  Jack had to wait his turn this time.


Jack loves books.  He especially loves books with Choo-Choo Trains in them.  We are always reading books around our house.  I had to capture this picture on our way home from story time today (sorry for the poor quality – it was with my cell phone) of Jack reading his new library book. 


I can’t wait for the first week in June when story time will start up again.  It will be fun to see how much all the babies have grown!!

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