Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This post isn’t a long dissertation on what it’s like being a mother.  I just read over at We Are THAT Family about Kristen’s definition of Motherhood.  She said '”…it’s about the impromptu kisses and hugs.”  I can only add one more thing to that short list.  Laughter.  Kisses, hugs, and laughter is what Motherhood is about.  Well, it’s what the good stuff is about.  I know it’s about the tears, fears, and spills too, but let’s focus on the happy times for now.

This made me think of these three pictures.  They are the definition of Motherhood.  One of the pictures is Jack with his Grandma, and it’s fuzzy, but it captures the best moment.  I have to imagine that the only thing better than Motherhood is Grand-Motherhood!

kissesDSC02903 DSC08921(PS2)

I love being a mom!!!


  1. Me too! I love it SO much! {Gorgeous photos!}


  2. Love these pictures!!! The bottom one is my favorite


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