Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Personal Trainer

The other day, while we were driving home from church, Jack was in the back saying “Up! Down! Up! Down!”  I caught him once even lifting his leg up and down as he was saying it.  We thought that was cute, and encouraged him to continue doing it by repeating him every time he said it.  We had no clue why he was saying “Up! Down!”

Then, last night, while I was doing my Walk Away the Pounds video, Jack started saying “Up! Down!” while Leslie Sanson was saying it on the video.  She only says it for one segment that I recall, and it’s while we’re lifting our weights doing bicep curls.  I was walking in front of my computer, doing bicep curls, and Jack was playing with his toy truck saying “Up! Down!”  It was the funniest thing!!

Now I have proof that I’ve been working out. Most days we go to the park, but we’ve been having a very rainy couple of days here, so I’ve been stuck inside doing my videos instead.  Evidently, Jack has been watching me.

I love how Jack is a little window into what I do and how I act.  I’m sure it will come back to bite me in the butt, but for now, it’s cute to see what he’s picking up on.  I remember a time when he picked up my broom and dustpan (he loves to play with the dustpan) and started sweeping the kitchen like I do.  I had to share that photo with my family to prove that I actually DO clean my house!



  1. Hey! Thanks for the sweet comment you left. :) what a cute little guy you have. What a cute story. Who knows maybe someday he will end up being a personal trainer. :)

  2. So very cute but remember modeling only goes so far.

    I thought when L was 2 and I had baby Ellie that I had done such a good job showing her how to care for a baby. She would lift up her shirt and nurse her, burp her, and the wrap her up.

    Then she was take her baby and slam its head into the wall.

    That is not how I cared for baby Ellie.

  3. So cute!! He is such a sweet little helper!

    (BTW, love your blog!)


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