Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yard Work

My husband has been working out in the yard almost every day since the weather has turned nice.  He loves getting his hands dirty and working outside.  This year, he has a helper!  Jack absolutely loves being outside.  Especially when his daddy is working in the yard.  He has become quite the little helper. 

Here he is making sure Daddy is doing it right.  He’s like a mini contractor…


But he likes to get involved as much as he can and get his hands dirty too…


Another day he decided to be a self-starter.  He decided the soil needed hammered.  Doesn’t it always?


I’d like to mention that he has eaten pollen.  Is that okay?  He sticks his fingers in the flower, then in his mouth.  He doesn’t seem to mind the taste, but his Mommy yelling, “NO, NO JACK!” is getting on his nerves.


The best part about having a little helper are the impromptu hugs you get while you’re working.  Life doesn’t get much better than this!


I do love Springtime! 

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