Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Toy

Look what I just bought!!  It's an early Mother’s Day gift to myself.  It’s a middle-of-the-road Singer sewing machine.  Not their cheapest, and not their fanciest.  I was surprise to hear that Singer isn’t the same as it used to be .  I thought they were a reliable brand, but it seems that they have gone down in dependability department.  But, it’s what we can afford, so it’s what I got!


First, let me explain to you how NOT crafty I am.  And, while I’m at it, let me explain how VERY crafty the people around me are. 

Not Crafty Me – I can’t sew, can’t crochet, can’t knit, can’t scrapbook, can’t decorate (rooms or desserts), can’t draw, can’t come up with a creative idea to save my life.

Very Crafty Friends – Can quilt, knit, crochet, spin and dye wool, sew, make jewelry (and that’s all ONE person so far…my SISTER!), decorate, garden, needlepoint, scrapbook, draw…the list is endless really.

In my life I’ve tried to find my ‘thing’.  My sister’s thing was quilting for a long time.  Now it’s making yarn and knitting.  My friend Beth’s thing is crocheting.  She crochets everyone blankets.  One of my favorites to snuggle up in on the sofa is a Beth Blanket.  My Friend Heather *kinda* scrapbooks and paints pottery.  She scrapbooked her two daughters’ first five years.  I have friends who decorate cakes masterfully, bake delicious desserts, and can decorate a room beautifully without batting an eye. 

I have to confess that I sometimes become jealous of these friends and their talents.  Since at least high school age, I have tried to find my niche.  I’ve tried needlepoint, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, and baking just to name a few.  I’ve figured out that I’m not a ‘stick-with-it” kind of gal.  I usually start something, find that I’m not great at it (which no one is at first except my sister), and stop trying.  It’s probably saved me a lot of money now that I think of it! I haven’t invested in a lot of supplies for anything, so I don’t have a lot of wasted materials.

You might say that my niche is meal planning and cooking regular meals (dinners only for now) for my family.  But that doesn’t feel very creative to me, so I’m still looking for something else.  I’m still looking for something to spark my creativity –if I have any!

Recently  I’ve been wanting to start sewing.  Nothing major.  Maybe just some cloth napkins, a curtain here or there, and an apron for my friend.  This past Christmas I found three or four ideas for gifts that I wanted to make for my family, but I couldn’t do them without a sewing machine.  I’m excited to see what I can actually create with this new sewing machine.  Maybe this could become a creative outlet for me.  Of course, I need to learn how to sew a straight line first.  That will come with time, right?


  1. The world needs starters. I should know, I am one. You have many talents. I admire your ability to roll up your sleeves and dig right in. You try new things and aren't afraid to learn things you don't know. You are always steady, making no excuses for who you are. Your smile can light up a room, and your laugh is contagious. You are a teacher - you pass on the things you learn. That is invaluable, especially to needy people like me :)

    You may not have a "niche" just yet, but you are multi-faceted. Keep trying new things. You'll find it.

  2. Enjoy your new toy. Grandma (both of them) would be proud of you trying.
    Heather, her smile does light up a room. She is a good teacher, she can even teach and old dog like me.

  3. So jealous! As I sat hand-sewing some new curtains last night I complained to my husband that I should probably get a sewing machine...good luck with your creative endeavors!

  4. You will do great. Start with pillows and simple tote bags. You will have a ton of fun.

  5. Have fun! The last time I sewed something was a a sailor dress which I completed only with major help from my mother when I was in 8th grade. My mother-in-law loves quilting and has asked me if I'd like to learn when we move up there. I love to look at quilts and quilt magazines, so who knows, I might just like quilting!

    I am thinking of sewing a project for Charlotte's new room: these cute birds (

    Also, had to tell you that I love your new header!

  6. Before the straight line will come threading the machine!!

    Let me know if you want help.

  7. OH, you will have!! I have regularly used my sewing machine for hemming pants. (of course, that's not fun) But I did sew curtains for some of our bedrooms, including Ben's. It's so rewarding to look at the finished product. I'm sure you will even begin to find it relaxing!!


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