Sunday, November 1, 2009


Jack has begun speaking a lot recently.  He's been a babbler for a long time, but something has changed recently.  His babbling has taken on a more conversation-like rhythm.  Sometimes it even sounds like I should be able to understand it.  I have to say that it is the cutest thing! 

Our conversations go like this:

Jack : Ooo ta da!!

Mommy: What's that, Jack?

Jack: Oooidy Oooidy da!

Mommy: Oh, I see.  Good idea, Jack!

Jack: Faa dadada ooi.

I could go on.  It cracks us up every time.  Even funnier may be his parents repeating everything back to him in his baby-language.  We're really enjoying this age!

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  1. Awww. My oldest (who is now 18) babbled A LOT! My sister used to joke and say she was actually speaking Chinese and we just didn't know it.. LOL!!

    Enjoy these precious moments to the fullest!


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