Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Skillz

Jack is working on his skillz.  His gross motor skillz that is.

Sorry, once a 6th grade teacher, always a 6th grade teacher.

He has taken to crawling over Mommy every time she lies on the floor.  (Why the third person you ask?  I don't really know) This game can go on over and over and over and over again with endless giggles and squeals of delight.  Once he makes it over one direction, he immediately turns around and goes the other direction.  Every once in a while, he stops to bite.  THAT'S not fun at all!!

I love to get down on the floor with him and see how many times he'll climb over Mt. Mommy.  He's getting a bit of rug burn on his little nose because of how hard he lands, but he doesn't seem to mind that at all.  He LOVES climbing.    And I love playing with my little man.

Here he is climbing over his cousin.  He really likes to climb over people!


  1. Throw some pillows down there and let him crawl all over them.

  2. Oh I miss mine being that small, the grow so fast. Next thing you know he will be running and jumping over everything!

    Thanks for coming by my blog.
    The Park Wife

  3. Oh my gosh! Soon he will be running!

  4. It's amazing how fast it goes from there! (and I think most of us refer to ourselves in third person sometimes LOL!)

  5. How old is he? that is amazing! I love this blog-your background is so cheery!
    My little 7 month old isn't crawling yet but I know it won't be long. He is lunging forward while sitting up and he keeps falling down. Won't be long till his muscles are strong enough to hold him up while he crawls :)


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