Friday, November 13, 2009

Important Growth Chart Moment

This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it's HUGE.  As of today, Jack has started taking undesirable objects out of his mouth. 

Let me explain.

Jack likes to put things in his mouth.  EVERYTHING in his mouth.  We can't stay outside long, because I get so  frustrated with having to constantly take the acorns that he can't seem to resist out of his mouth.  I keep a pretty tidy house (not CLEAN, but tidy) now because of his curious adventures he likes to take around all the furniture, but there are still small objects to be found on my floor.  Sometimes it's old food he's thrown or dropped on the floor, or sometimes its a tiny pebble brought in on a shoe.  Whatever it is, if he finds it, it ends up in his mouth!  He puts up quite a fight when I try to fish it out, and sometimes he ends up swallowing it before I can get my finger in there. 

But the time has come!!!!  Today, he had something in his mouth that he shouldn't have been eating, and he PICKED IT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!  He stuck out his tongue and got it out of there!  I know this will carry over to the food department, where he won't keep good food in his mouth that he should eat, but for now I'm happy about this new milestone.  Maybe we can spend more time outdoors!  (Just when it starts to get cold, right?)

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