Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That Darn Squeaky Door!!

There is nothing worse than getting my 9 month old son to sleep in his crib, only to have the squeaky door of his nursery wake him up when I'm trying to leave his room.  Sometimes, when Daddy comes in to check on him at night, he inadvertently wakes him up because of that darn squeaky door!

Yes, we have WD-40, and yes, I could walk it from the garage up to his room to fix this situation.  But when I think about needing it, I'm holding a baby-sleepy or sleeping-and can't go out searching the garage for this wonder oil.

So, the other night, I thought to myself, "What else would work?" I know PAM will work (as well as potato chip grease from your fingers-just sayin'), but I had the same problem as before. I'm upstairs when I think of it, and it's downstairs.

So what did I have upstairs with us when I needed it?  BABY OIL!! I put baby oil on some cotton balls and worked it into all of the hinges on the door. 

No more squeaky door waking up my sleeping baby! And no more waking Daddy when I come back to bed after being with Jack (because I used it on our door too!).  That's what works for me.  Stop on by We Are THAT Family to find more tips and what works for others.  Have a great day!

I also used it on my metal shower curtain rod to help the metal curtain hooks glide a little more smoothly.  It's not quite as loud either, which helps eliminate yet another 'wake-the-baby' sound.  


  1. Here's our sleep solution.
    Have child diagnosed with Autism and ideopathic sleep problems (translate, I don't know why she doesn't sleep)
    Try homeopathic response first Melatonin. Realize that child is just taking cherry flavored sugar pills.
    Put child on Clonidine that helps many children sleep.
    Realize your child is not many children.
    complain to doctor.
    Go 2 years sleeping 4-5 hours a night.
    Complain to doctor that you are no longer able to care for other children or operate heavy machinery due to chronic sleep deprivation.
    Put child on Trazadone.
    child now sleeps through atomic bomb.
    you now suffer from insomnia as your body does not know how to adapt to get 8 hours of sleep.
    Life is good.

  2. That is such a simple but great idea!

  3. My husband uses gun oil on our squeaky doors. :)


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