Monday, October 26, 2009

No Pants Allowed

My son is member of a gang. I just know it.  Not a bad, break the law, color specific type gang.  A 'no girls allowed', meet in a clubhouse, secret handshake type gang. 

He has decided that diaper changes are not for him, and therefore will NOT lay still for one second of them.  I have tugged, pulled, pried and turned him back over to get him to lay on his back, but it seems that nothing works.  So, I've decided that the gang he is in must have this rule - NO PANTS ALLOWED!

I will not be following this rule, but I'm not speaking for Daddy. 


  1. Maybe aunt Jenn can knit him a pair of leg warmers (not pink!). ;-)

  2. Awww. Too cute!
    When my girls were little they were little streakers..LOL. They loved to be naked.. not now of course.. and always in the privacy of our own home.. LOL!!!


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