Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First "Man Night"

Last night, I kicked my husband and son out of my house.  Actually, I asked Rick if he would take Jack out for some time while I cleaned my kitchen.  You'd think I would have plenty of time to clean it during the day, but when there's a Boozle trying to get in the dishwasher and trashcan at every turn, it's quite a challenge to get any cleaning done.  I suggested that they go to some manly places like Lowes and Manards, and do manly things.  (Look at power tools?)  I even said he could take my ring sling!  HA!  That's soooo not manly.

Anyway....Rick took Jack to Lowes to get some things we needed and then over to Manards (across the street from Lowes-how convenient!).  I had two and a half hours of uninterrupted cleaning time, while they had some Daddy-Son bonding time.   Everyone was HAPPY!!!   My kitchen sparkled by the end of the evening, and dessert was waiting on the men-folk when they returned. 

Jack LOVED his time with his daddy.  He sat in a cart for the first time and loved it! (I'm still waiting for my wonderful sister to finish handcrafting an adorable 'cootie cover' for our trips to the grocery store, before I put him in a car - LOVE YOU!)   He looked around at everything.  Daddy said he almost turned his head all the way around just to see everything. He watched intently as they checked out, Daddy swiping the credit card, the lady behind the counter pushing buttons on a register.  He even cried when Daddy tried to put him back in the van to go home!  He didn't want to leave the wonderland that is Manards. Daddy completely understands this. The final treat was that Jack didn't cry all the way home.  In the evenings, Jack tends to cry in his car seat - the entire trip home- no matter how long the trip.  I guess he liked being 'one of the guys', and being one of the guys means you don't cry on your way home.  What a good boy!  It made it much easier for Daddy, that's for sure.

Jack loves to be with his daddy!

I see many more Man Nights in our future.  Jack can't get enough of his daddy, and Mommy appreciated the 'break'.  (Is it a break when I have to clean while they're gone?)  It melted both of our hearts to see Jack so happy to be with his Daddy, and to love on his Mommy when they returned for the evening.  He can't live without either of us!!  And that's a good thing.


  1. Aww. How sweet.

    My DH has been taking his daughters our for daddy daughter nights for awhile now. They love.

    Great way to start a tradition!!

  2. Such a great picture! I love pictures from the back...everyone has so many of the front that the back gets neglected lol! Actually I just recently posted a pic like this of my husband and daughter.


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