Monday, September 14, 2009

New Food Adventures

Jack is 8 months today. 8 months! We'll be doing our monthly progression photo today, and I'm hoping things go better than last month. I've stitched up Buddy Bear and washed the quilt, so we're ready to go. This 'birth'day comes with a few Growth Chart Moments.

Jack ate his first finger food this weekend. The In-Laws came down to visit Saturday, and they took us out for dinner. I didn't take food along with us, because Jack had just eaten, but because of an impromptu nap on the way to the restaurant, we ended up getting there later than I expected. So, Jack was hungry. I asked if they had a banana for him, but big Italian restaurants don't have bananas. Go figure. So we gave him a bread-stick with no butter or garlic. This was his first time trying out 'finger food'. Not sure I would have started with a bread-stick, but it worked out great! He just gnawed away on it, and it slowly disintegrated. I did have to fish out a few big chunks a few times.

Since he's 8 months old now, I can start trying new foods for Jack to explore. My first new food: chicken! Before I read up on baby food making, I had no idea you could puree meat. Well, I've done it, and I can say - it's WEIRD! I boiled a chicken breast, let it cool, cut it into chunks, and then chopped it in my blender. It turns into a texture that is similar to Moon Sand. I have to admit, that it does not look yummy, but baby food doesn't always appeal to the mommy, right? I tried giving Jack his new food by itself, causing him to make all sorts of 'yuck' faces. Then I added it to some green beans. More 'yuck' faces. Finally, I tried mixing the chicken with sweet potatoes. That worked the best, since he loves sweet potatoes, but it didn't last long. I think chicken is going to be a 'work in progress' for awhile.

Finally, after all the new food adventures, and especially after the bread stick adventure, I decided to give Jack some O-shaped cereal. Let's just say he's not there yet. He looks at them on his tray, plays with them, picks them up in his little fingers, and puts them in his highchair "for later", but he does not eat them. He did try ONE, but he didn't seem to like it. We'll try again later.

Here is a picture from our visit with the Grandparents this weekend. Do you think Jack will fit in to the family? You've gotta love 3 generations of plaid!


  1. He such a cutie Amanda.

    My girls never ate more than 10 jars of baby food. We gave them bite sized things at around 7 months.

  2. 8 months old!!! Yikes.

    Next trip to the store look at what they have in the jars. Chicken and carrots, beef and peas, rice and chicken etc. use that as your starting point. At this point what ever you eat he'll like to try...rice, chicken, cowboy onion rings. ;-)

    Get some of the kids finger "O" things. They melt in their mouths and they get the idea to eat them instead of storing them.

  3. I know what you mean about fishing out chunks lol. My daughter is 13 months and I still have to do that sometimes, even with all her teeth and eating experience! Love the 3 generation photo, that will be a treasure to him when he is older.

  4. Love the 3 generations of plaid -- good stuff! Baby food chicken is rather gross. You have the right idea mixing it with other things. I pureed it with carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, avocado, even apples!

  5. I responded to your comment by email. Just to say thanks but it says the email that it sends it to is I was wondering if it goes through to you or not?


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