Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dirt and Dust

I have both dirt and dust in my house. I have never been one to keep a sparkling clean house. I don’t dust or vacuum on a regular basis. It gets done before company comes and when I can no longer stand it. I thank my mother for this lack of housecleaning skills. (Hi Mom!)
You’ll never know how much dirt and dust is in your house until you have a 7 month old crawling around, exploring his new found freedom. As soon as Jack found the window, I cleaned the window sill. Does that mean there is no more dirt in it? NO. As soon as Jack found the intake vent, I cleaned it. Does that mean there is no more dust on it? NO. As soon as Jack learned that he could fit nicely under the kitchen table, I swept and mopped the floor. Does that mean there are no more food particles, dirt, or dust under it? NO. I have come to the conclusion that, even though I will continue to clean my house *better than I ever have before*, I will never keep Jack from finding dirty or dusty places. I think that, in order to survive in my house, the boy needs to build up a little tolerance for dirt and dust. It’s boosting his immune system….right? Besides, he’s a BOY. Boys are dirt-magnets. They LOVE to be dirty. They don’t ever want to take baths, and they seek out puddles! I love boys.

By the way, I ‘walked’ around on my knees today as I dusted. I didn’t realize how dusty I’d let the bottom part of my house get. Who thinks to dust chair rungs?


  1. This is great! I love all of the pre-warnings that we get from you guys! In a few weeks/months I'll know to start dusting the chair rungs!! :)

  2. Dust? You mean we are supposed to dust?


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