Friday, August 28, 2009

Boy Noises

I'm starting to worry for my son. Not because of anything he's doing, but of what I can't do. I can't make boy noises. For example:

We brought home a toy school bus from Aunt Jenn's the other day. When Daddy came home, he asked me if anyone had made noises with it. Ummmmm, no. I hadn't even thought of it. So Daddy spent a few minutes showing Jack how the bus could sound like a bus/racecar as it drove around the family room. It was like a whole new toy for him. Why hadn't I thought of that??

It was then that I realized that I may not be the best mommy-to-a-boy after all. How can I raise a boy to play like a boy when I don't know how to make boy noises? And I'm not exaggerating. I stink at racecar noises. I can't do plane noises. And I REALLY lack any skill to make gun noises. These are all very important noises for little boys to know how to do. Since I'm the one who is home all day with him, he gets most of his education from me. And I can safely say he’s not getting a good education in making noises while I’m around.

Thank goodness for Daddy!! He's an expert noise maker*. He has impressed me with boy noises ever since we were dating. (My favorite happens to be his shotgun noise, which he makes as we're driving along and see a groundhog, deer, or goose that needs to be 'hunted'.**) I knew when I found him, that I'd found a great Daddy-to-a-boy. I can only hope that he can undo all the horrible noises Jack has to hear throughout the day.

*Now, stop thinking of all the other boy noises that we DON’T like to hear. I’m not talking about bad boy noises. I’m keeping it completely innocent here, people!

**sorry if this offended any non-hunters out there. Really, I think he just enjoys making that shotgun sound, so any chance he gets, he does it.


  1. HA!
    Rick can teach both you and Jack.

  2. God created us to be male and female for reasons like this. We can balance out each side and be matching pieces of the puzzle.

    Jack can learn noises from his Dad and quietness and sensitivity from you. He needs both parts which why God created us with such different gifts.

    My girls spend such different time with Bob. he does things with them that I would never do but it's still good.

  3. Mine came out ok... and I can't make car noises to save mt life!

  4. Oh Amanda! I'm right here with you! Shawn (DS) has started "driving' everything complete with the Vrrom Vroom Brrrooom noises. I cannot figure out for the life of me where he picked it up. I mean, DH plays that with him but he is SPOT ON with his little noises. I really appreciated Kristin's comment. She's got a good point. :)


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