Monday, August 24, 2009

A Few Missed Moments

***This is my first time ever linking to any blog carnival. This is a learning process for me. To my friends and family who do not know what a blog carnival is, just check out the link and you'll see at the end of that post, a lot of links. Those are other bloggers who are sharing their stories in the same way.

Last week I did NOT turn around and say out loud, “How did you get over there?” to my 7 month old son who just learned how to army crawl. Nope, not me! I was NOT reading through my list of blogs while he was making his longest distance yet with this new army crawl. It seems I may need to schedule a different time to check up on my blogs, and I may need to start baby-proofing a little better.

I did NOT ask my husband, “Did he just cruise around that big toy by himself?” and miss yet another Growth Chart Moment. This time I was not on my computer, but I was texting a friend at the time. I see a trend, do you?

I did NOT almost cry when the internet went out after a lightning bolt struck our house (not really, but it was REALLY close!) and the technician on the phone said it’d be THREE DAYS before someone could come out. I don’t know how to survive without the internet anymore. My husband said “we’ll have to go back to how we used to do things.” I gently reminded him that we didn’t used to share photos and videos of our son online.

My son does NOT scream his head off when we leave him alone with anyone for any amount of time right now. My sister did NOT have to drive him to the park, sit with him, and drive him back to meet me after my dentist appointment all while Jack cried the ENTIRE time.

My husband did NOT take me to the Newport Aquarium in KY for our anniversary last week. We decided it was going to have to be a family anniversary day, since Jack is so little, and we can’t leave him with anyone for any amount of time right now. Jack did NOT cry all the way home. I guess he was sick of being in the car.

And finally, I really did not start a new school year with a new set of students in my newly set up classroom. And because that really didn’t happen, I felt a little sad. It’s been 27 years of gearing up for school to start in August. This year I am staying home with my son. I’m not sure anyone really understands this sadness. I hear a lot of “I wish it were me!” But for me, being a teacher, and being in a classroom with students was where I belonged. I had a place to fit in. I knew my place in the world. Now, as a stay-at-home-mom, I feel like I’m floating in the world without a place to belong. I no longer have a set of friends just down the hall. Though I’m looking forward to the joys of raising my son, I still feel a little sadness about leaving my now ‘past life’ behind.


  1. Just found your blog on the My Charming Kids site. It's fabulous! I also used to be a teacher and this is the second September I will not be starting school again. I LOVE staying home with my daughter, but it is really tough and lonely sometimes!

  2. and we did NOT have a good time at the park anyway. :-)

  3. Amanda
    We went out for the first time in 8 months and left our kids with a babysitter for the 1st time on Friday. We never leave them.
    I have only left them overnight when I was in the hospital having another one. So I don't think you are abnormal in the least.

  4. I'm at the other end... after years of staying home and not teaching... I'll be going back part time... now that all mine are settled in school. It seems like yesterday I missed my first year of teaching to stay home... and now it's my child's first day of jr. high...

  5. Girl, I'm with on the internet addiction..mine went out for less than 12 hours one time and I thought I was going to have a panic attack..time for an intervention at my house! Happy Monday :)

  6. I know on the did I ever manage before? I can't go one day with out it and blogging. I've got my kids now taking pictures and looking for stories to go on the blog :)

  7. Mandy, Thanks for the comment. And the compliment! You're the first non-family/friend to comment. that made my day. :)

    Kimberly,Good luck to you!! Good luck going back and good luck having a 6th grader!

    Thompson and Jennifer, it took so long to get caught up after I was off for so long. But I did survive. :)


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