Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I’m a Woman in the Outdoors

Have you ever heard of Women in the Outdoors?


It’s part of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and it’s a day (or 3 days) of outdoor activities just for women.  Their goal in doing these events is to get more women involved in outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, and camping.   At this particular event, there were 15 sessions we could choose from, but we only got to go to 4 of them. I wish I could have gone to all of them!  Well, maybe not the Boot Camp session.  Who needs to work out when you’re having a day of fun!  I ranked my top 10 sessions, and the ones I didn’t get to go to were Muzzleloader shooting, shotguns with clay pigeons, kayaking, archery, turkey hunting basics, bow fishing (where you hunt for fish with a bow and arrow) and repelling.  What I did get to go to was outdoor photography, bowling pin shoot, ATVing, and orienteering.  It was such a fun day!!

My friend, Beth was the one who introduced me to WITO.  She went to a 3 day event and loved it.  I went to the next one that was close to me and that was back in October.  Beth wasn’t able to go to that one, but my friend Heather was.  We LOVED it!  We got to make a necklace –which isn’t very ‘outdoorsy’ but it does have a piece of deer antler on it – shoot a .22g shotgun and a .22 revolver (handgun), and practice our archery skills-of which I have none apparently.  (Heather was a sharp shooter with the bow and arrow.  She loved it!) 

This time, Heather wasn’t able to go, but Beth was, so the two of us took off on a rainy morning to enjoy the outdoors.  One of these days the three of us will get to go together.  That will be such a blast!

Women in the Outdoors, Johnstown, OH

Here are the pictures and details from my sessions this weekend.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had all day.

These are some of the photos I took during my outdoor photography class.  A photographer let us search out our own photos, then come back to upload what we shot onto her computer.  She gave us some good feedback that was pretty helpful.  These are some of the SOOC shots I took. 

P6110028P6110072Photography classPhotography class

The sportsman club that held this event was huge, so to get to some of our sessions, we got to hitch a ride on a hay wagon.  That was very thoughtful of them. 

Free rides to our sessions

This was my instructor for Bowling Pin Shoot.  She was amazing.  She is an NRA instructor of NRA instructors.  She knows her stuff!


I loved how she had visual aides for us to see how we were supposed to line up our gun sights.  So helpful!  In fact, it was so helpful that I made every shot!  That’s right! EVERY SHOT!  I actually missed once, but I had more bullets, so I got it with the next one. Just call me Annie Oakley!

Teaching us what the sights should look like

The object of Bowling Pin Shoot is to knock down all the pins in the fastest time.  Because our guns held more than 5 rounds, they set up those tiny little spinner targets on the ground.  See how tiny they are?  Yeah, I hit all three.  Yep.  Sharp Shooter!

I hit all 5 pins and 3 little spinners

I used a .22 semi automatic, .38 revolver, and a .9mm semi automatic.  If that makes sense to you, good for you.  If not, I can’t explain it.  I practiced saying that all day so I could go home and brag to my hunter-husband that I had a perfect shooting day. I don’t know what it all means, really.  I just know that I hit Every Target Every Time.  (too much bragging?  I’ll stop now)

Sharp Shooter!

My next session was ATVing.  I’ve never been on an ATV before.  I had no clue how those things worked.  I was scared to death to have full control of one with people around.  But the instructor was such a nice and patient man.  He helped me feel confident on the machines, and I ended up becoming quite the dare devil.

ATV class.downsize-2 copy

This is a shot of some women repelling.  It’s one of the sessions I did NOT take.  I’m okay with that.


My final session was Orienteering.  We learned how read maps and how to use one of those ‘fancy’ compasses with the little eye looky thing.  Rick has one, and I had no clue how to use it.  It’s quite simple, and it really works!

CompassesWe also measured how many steps we take in 100 feet.  I take around 43 or 44.  It was useful for what we were doing this day, but I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten why it’s useful in the wilderness.  But I do have this handy dandy chart that helps me remember my count. 

I take 43 steps in 100 ft.  It's good to know.

I had such a great time at this WITO event.  You should totally check it out to see if it’s ever in your area.  Both events I’ve been to have been such a fun time.  Everyone is so nice, the food is awesome, and the instructors are so helpful.  They had silent raffles and prize drawings in the afternoon.  (I was one number away from winning an all inclusive hunting trip to IL for my hubby.  grrrr!) 

When you finish a day of shooting guns, cooking in dutch ovens, shooting a bow and arrow, and running around on an ATV, you can’t help but want to be in the outdoors all the time.  You should really check it out and go to an event near you.  Who knows, it might awaken the inner Annie Oakley or Tred Barta in you. (preferably with fewer swear words)


  1. How fun!!!! I really like the picture that gives the perspective of the tree's height.

  2. This looks awesome. Next time I'd like to go with you :)

  3. What a fun day. This is something that would be fun if we went on together. Could you imagine?!

  4. This looks like so much fun! I've never even fired a gun - I could never hit those targets! Impressive!

  5. I will have to look into that! I love to shoot!
    Looks like you had a great day!


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