Friday, June 3, 2011

Foto Friday–FOOD

What a great topic for Foto Friday.  I love food.  You can tell by my picture.  I love food A LOT.

I love sugar most of all.  Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are two of my favorites.  One of my friends on our Girls Trip 2011 brought candy for our gift bags.  I love her!  She brought Sprees and a sour patch type gummie bear.  I did my friend duty to collect anyone’s extra candy that they may not have wanted.  Who knew that there are people in this world who don’t like sugar!?

As I was editing this shot, I couldn’t figure out which picture I liked best, so I decided to put them both up.  One shows how bright and vivid the colors of the candies are, and the other one is just a cool processed shot with a new texture.  I have been corrupted by Kim at Mom Tried It, because she keeps sending me links to actions and textures for Photoshop.  I love her!!  It’s so fun to play around with my picture editing now.  It’s even more fun to have someone to go through this learning and experimenting process with. 

Here ‘ya go.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy some sugar! I’m sure I will at some point.


Oh, and a big THANK YOU to Kim for featuring my picture on her blog today.  She liked my train track picture from last week’s Foto Friday, so she featured it on her post today.  That makes me feel like a real photographer or something!!  Thanks so much, Kim.  I’m the Photoshop junkie I am because of you!


  1. Okay I'm drooling. I have such a sweet tooth and I love sprees! Great picture!

  2. Oh, I could eat a whole bag of them right now. So hungry!

  3. I told you that train track shot was the one!

  4. Oh I love the texture you added. Fantastic!!
    On a side note, have you ever had chocolate covered gummie bears? Delicious.
    Thank for joining in again at Foto Friday. Your support is so appreciated. :)

  5. Oh I love Sour Patch! Great shot!

  6. Oh I love me some gummies and sprees! Cute.

  7. I love it. Yummy!

  8. I love sugar most of all too! Yum-o!


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